Yung Miami and Mariah The Scientist exchange words on BMF

Yung Miami and Mariah The Scientist exchanged a few words via social media this past weekend about the rapper’s acting debut on the television series BMF,

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Mariah took to Twitter to reference a scene from Yung Miami’s acting debut

Maria the Scientist said a few words on Twitter Friday morning.

“I wish I could have told Meech where my husband is”

The singer’s tweet caught the attention of Yung Miami, who quickly responded.

“I’m trying to figure out what that means”

Maria the Scientist explains her early tweet

Social media users quickly speculated that Mariah the Scientist’s tweet was directed towards the rapper with a hint of “shed”. The tweet, also shared via The Shade Room, garnered a lot of comments.

“She meant she could do better than you. That’s what it means.

“And she better not act like she wasn’t shady, I hate anybody who doesn’t stand up to their shadow.”

However, Maria the Scientist quickly steps into The Shade Room to explain her stance.

“First of all I love Yung Miami and BMF and I walk around all day saying where is my husband”

The singer then returned to Twitter to defend herself.

“Stop trying to put words in my mouth, I love the role and the show”

He also added an additional thought.

“You Want Me 2 Be Controversial So Bad”

Mariah The Scientist Insists She Has No “Shadow” Towards Yung Miami

Shortly after the internet exchange, the 25-year-old took to Instagram Live to share more words with social media users.

“This is what you do. Whenever I tweet anything, on top of that, it’s a problem. Every time. Whenever I tweet something. It doesn’t matter what I say, period.” I walk around all day saying, ‘Mitch, where’s my husband?’, all day. Every day…”

Maria told The Scientist that she loves Yung Miami and City Girls, and there was “definitely no shade” in her comment.

Roommates, what do you think of Mariah the Scientist’s comments?