Young Thug shares countdown to Gunna’s album release

The thirst for new YSL music will finally be quenched. As The Shade Room previously reported, Gunna recently released her first single and music video following her acceptance of the Alford plea deal in the YSL Rico trial.

On Friday, the rapper released a full-length, 15-track album. Meanwhile, Young Thug – who is still behind bars during the ongoing case – has revealed a secret countdown to his fans.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Young Thug’s official Instagram account shared a new post. Also, the rest of his Instagram profile has been cleaned up.

The post consists of a QR code on top of a blank, white background. Caption is short.

When viewers scan the QR code, they are greeted with a countdown set to completion in less than five days.

Additionally, producer Metro Boomin has also shared the same countdown with a similar caption.

Social media users reacted to the cryptic post in the comments section of The Shade Room. Some speculated that Countdown would be Young Thug’s new music.

Meanwhile, others believe that it will unveil a diss track from the rapper towards Gunna.

“This is going to be a hot track for Gunna πŸ˜‚ I can’t wait”

Gunna released first full-length project since accepting YSL’s plea in December

Prior to this cryptic post from Young Thug, Gunna’s project was released to the public, the album title being ‘A Gift and a Curse’. Additionally, it comes on the heels of the rapper’s 30th birthday, which happened on Wednesday, as reported by Complex.

Additionally, the album features no vocals and runs for 45 minutes.

As the project unfolds, the rapper remains steadfast in defending his name against accusations of plagiarism. According to hip hop by the numbersThe “Drip Too Hard” rapper addresses the allegations 33 times, with 43.3% of his lyrics “attacking everyone who doubts him.”

Social media reacts to Gunna’s ‘A Gift and a Curse’

As YSL fans wonder what Young Thug’s secret countdown will reveal, one thing seems certain. Despite the allegations against Guna, listeners are enjoying his album and giving flowers to the “Pushin P” rapper.

Roomies, will you be listening to Gunna’s latest project? What do you think the countdown to Young Thug will reveal?