Young girl explains ‘failed’ viral prom dress announcement

On 18 April, zakhia nelson17, set the internet on fire after announcing how she planned to eat the entire United States with her prom look. shadow room teens was able to catch up with Jakhiya, and she tells us that it all started when she decided to rate Prom on her TikTok page.

The rates were not taken lightly by many in her Mississippi hometown, and it revived plenty of backlash on Facebook.

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In response to the haters, she asked users to save the date May 13th so she can show them how it’s really done! The opening video has now garnered over 9.9 million views, 1.4 million likes, 10.8K comments, 177.2K saves and 16.7K shares.


Yes Allah! Save the date: May 13 #fyp #prom2023 #commingsoon

♬ Eat This – Naz

How the Prom Fit Countdown Began

As the months passed, the anticipation of the users was still heating up. Six days before Zakhia’s prom day, she reminded users how she plans to commit murder.

@ms.3xtra uhohhhhhh.. Coming May 13th 🤩 I have over 2.7 million people waiting 😜 #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ UH OHHH – Killa

Uhhhhhh… May 13 is coming. 2.7M+ people waiting near me

Zakhia also showed off her rhinestone shoes and matching nail set. At that point, everyone made it clear that they had set their alarms for the shutdown!

@ms.3xtra 😍😍🤩 in love with my nails! #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ Girls need love too x – ⠀
@ms.3xtra uhohhhhhh, 2 more days 😜 #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ Girls need love too x – ⠀

everyone got on their zooms and tuned in

As the viral TikTok sound says, “You gotta get on ya zoom” and users did just that for Zakhia! The clock struck 12, and people around the world flooded in with her comments.

Throughout the day, you can’t scroll through your For You page without seeing a video referencing “US Prom Girl.” From POV videos to reaction clips, everyone was ready to see Jakhiya’s prom pop out!

Even so, the Teammates Prom Season Round-Up on The Shed Room Teens was flooded under!

Eat the whole United States?!  A young woman explains what went wrong after her viral prom dress announcement
Screenshot from TSR Teens comment section
@cassifrl Funna chasing her page fashoo 😭 #prom2023 ♬ original sound – dani
@taevionrayshaud can’t wait to see this *door dash in bio* #fyp #viral #prom2023 ♬ UH OHHH – Killa
@goldieelocssss she better eat everyone cause that’s all I see today #prom2k23 #prom #fyp #live #nj #usa #viral ♬ Wakanda Jersey Club Mix by GTTC on all platforms – GTTC

Later that Saturday, she stepped out with her blue hair, leaving users in the comments ready to see her full prom transformation.

@ms.3xtrauhohhhhhh about that time ♬ DPWI Latto Verse – Latto Vids

How did the prom fit countdown end?

After the reveal of her hair, a saddened Jakhia took to her TikTok account and shared a teary video.

“Bhai yaar y’all don’t want to know that I am STG. I am very sad yaar”

@ms.3xtraeyes red and everything bro I’m so sad.♬ original sound – nbdy

While many begged him not to let the United States down, supporters encouraged him to wipe away his tears and show up for the night out. Jakhiya wiped away her tears and came live rocking her backup prom look. She was looking very beautiful in white dazzling dress.

She says, “I loved the dress because it already matched my nails. I bought it at the mall an hour before prom”

Tea at Original Fit

Originally Zakhia had planned to walk the prom with a purple prom dress. She revealed that she initially reached out to her designer in February 2023, and the overall design cost was $1,000! As her prom day approached, she opened up about having some difficulties with the designer. Luckily, after she didn’t get what she wanted, the designer was willing to give her a full refund.

When asked, “Do you feel like you could have definitely eaten USA if your original idea had turned out better,” Zakhia stood her ground!

Yes! If it had come out perfectly then yes I would have eaten US UP!

@ms.3xtrawell I still had a little fun, still amazed but yk♬ OG The Pastels – Kneely_Knight

sister ain’t bothered by the hate

Even though Zakhia was trapped in the spotlight, she remained positive through the ups and downs of prom day.

“We should always be positive because no one is perfect. My mother stayed positive! She knows me, she knows my mood…I’m like a bomb I tick. So she kept me calm and she told me not to worry about it because I’m still getting my thoughts and I’m still getting my likes. Even though I lost 80,000 followers, I’m still trending and I totally trended on tiktok and everything! So like I stay positive because I’m just a positive person and I don’t really care about the haters. Everything definitely happens for a reason”

She tells us that because of a mess in her outfit, she’s late for her makeup appointment, and late for prom. Additionally, before her big day, she even got into trouble for trying to rent a Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, he also got some negativity from people on social media.

@ms.3xtra I mean nothing can ruin my confidence or self esteem. Everyone is saying that I need to “humble” myself, but Ill always believe that I am all, forever, and always that girl! 💋 #fyp ♬ original sound – 🫶🏾

A message to haters and supporters: For me haters are my supporters because they are commenting, giving more comments, giving me more views, and giving me more attention on my page. To all the supporters I love you guys! I wouldn’t say I was sad, but the only reason I was sad was because of the mess. For those of you who text me saying “I’m sorry you still look gorgeous”, “I’m sorry this happened to you”… I love that and I really love that at the time It was needed!

A win is a win

Jakhiya also tells us that she originally started with only 20K+ followers, but has gained over 300,000 since going viral. Not only did she garner over 60 million views from her prom video, Lizzo also mentioned her on Twitter. The New Girls are even using “I Plan to Eat USA Up for Prom” to go viral.