Writers strike explained: Are shows affected

including late night shows Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the tonight show with jimmy fallon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, And late night with seth meyers Production has already stopped. snl has ended its season early, meaning reruns will air in the remaining three slots.

Soap operas will be the next shows to impress more given how fast their turnaround times are. The fall television season may also end up delayed, as writing typically begins in May or June.

One of the more subtle ways TV and movies have an impact is on properties that already have a finished script, but won’t have a writer on hand to facilitate any necessary rewrites that happen on set (we’ll get to that later). Will discuss this). such a show house of the dragonWhich is moving on from pre-existing scripts.

Streamers already have content banked, and Netflix has said it could fill in any gaps with international releases. Given how long the production cycle is for feature length projects, it’s unlikely the films will be affected in any immediate way.

Also, in case you were wondering: news writers and reality writers are subsumed by a different union.