With Eyes On Irving And Harden, The Rockets Are Ambitious

After the Denver Nuggets championship parade, it will be the Rockets’ time to shine. The Houston Rockets’ ‘Light the Fuse’ mantra has encapsulated their off-season tactics ever since. jalen green bold ig live Set the tone for summer by vowing to reach post-2024. That’s easy to do for a squad that ranks last in nearly every offensive and defensive metric. The Rockets tanked the season without really trying to tank and only came away with the fourth pick in a three-player draft. There was no resting on his laurels.

With his unlucky draft lottery fortune, general manager Raphael Stone has been the NBA’s most ambitious off-season move and mentor to the Shakers. Unlike the organically developed champions of the recent past, the Rockets are hell-bent on bringing their whippersnappers into the future with a mix of seasoned mercenary talent. Stone scooped up the fuse im udoka Off the unemployment line, but his hopes and dreams live on in the free agency market where the NBA’s thirstiest off-season team is expected to throw its weight around.

For months, reports circulated that mutual interest was brewing between the Rockettes and James Harden. If true, it would mean that the past two years have erased the memory of his pathetic attempt to entice the Rockets to trade him before the deadline.

If the Rockets can’t pull off the Benfir reboot of basketball with Harden, however, their backup Dalians depend on putting all their chips on Kyrie Irving. Buoyed by extensions to dole out a league-high $59 million in cap space and more, the Rockets are getting reckless in their impatient attempt to accelerate their rebuild. In his latest Substack newsletter, Mark Stein identified the Rockets as a sleeper team interested in Irving; They have failed to reconnect with Harden this summer.

Mark Stein on Irving:

“I’ve also heard that the Rockets, if they are unable to lure Harden away from Philadelphia and bring him back to Houston, are planning to weigh a run on Dallas’ Kyrie Irving. The Mavericks remain the league’s only known team , which has definite interest in signing Irving traded next month, but league sources say the Rockets are increasingly cited as a team that (stress: could) join the bid if Harden choose to stick with the 76ers.

Historically, Irving’s version of lighting the fuse is the opposite of what the rocket aspired to be. On each of his last three stops from Boston to Brooklyn and Dallas, he blew a dead man’s switch and left a demolition site in his wake.

Houston is particularly vulnerable to Irving’s self-sabotage. If Irving leaves Houston in a mushroom cloud, their roster of lottery stars may not be able to avoid the fallout. Jalen Green, their second overall pick in 2021, has been a troublesome player. It’s no coincidence that Amen Thompson, the player Houston is projected to take with their fourth overall pick, is a clone of Green. Green’s inability to create for others and a penchant for poor shot selection were emblematic of the discord on and off the court in Houston. Jabari Smith didn’t enter the Rookie of the Year conversation. Everyone is expendable on a rocket for the right price.

Udoka was tasked with masterfully cooking up the Rockets’ raw sushi bar talent as he had done in Boston. The Rockets core is still years away from reaching the level of maturity of the 2022 Celtics, but Udoka will begin to mold this group. Chasing point guards makes sense. Houston’s efforts to convert Kevin Porter Jr. into a full-time lead guard have produced mixed results. It turns out that being the steward of an offense isn’t as easy as casually running a dozen sloppy pick and rolls and taking 20 YOLO shots in one night.

This team should be built around the unique skills of Alperen Sengün. Sangoon is one of a handful of Jokic carbon copies that are The next generation of slick passing big men, It goes without saying that Jokic is the pièce de résistance of this emerging core, but within the Rockets nucleus, Senggun is the best they have.

Irving has its own gravitational field. Much of it is occupied by debris and distractions. If not him, then who? The Rockets have been linked with Jaylen Brown, but he doesn’t offer as much, and is a questionable playmaker. Tinkering around the edges with a gritty low-risk, high-reward player is the sensible route for Houston. Hawks point guard Dejaunte Murray could be available for the price of the No. 4 pick. Stone may also be able to have his say in John Collins’ contract, but Murray will be the centerpiece of any deal.

There’s more than one way to round out the roster. Signing a veteran locker room leader who wins basketball and won’t instill bad habits in his young players is a start. Harden, despite being three years older than Irving, is still the lesser of two evils. His decade-long tenure with the Rockets ended with him moping around the court, but the high moments far outweighed the low moments.

Harden’s effort will evaporate at the worst possible moments, but he’s more open to tougher coaching than Irving. Harden is a master of responsible fun, but his growing weight has robbed him of the quickness to finish. Unlike Irving, he has also developed into a pass-first creator, something Houston lacked after accumulating the league’s worst assist-to-turnover ratio. 31st rank assist percentage,

The Knicks began their renaissance by trading Jalen Brunson away from the Dallas Mavericks. His reliability and instincts revitalized the Knicks. Try relying on consistency from Irving. Not even a backcourt made up of Irving-KPJ-Green makes this a viable playoff team. Instead of swinging for the fences with every free agency, heady franchises take the wiser approach. Oklahoma City’s ascent should be the Rockets’ recipe to follow.

Sam Presti Thunder Reconstruction Shai-Gilgeous has thrived by surrounding Alexander with similar talents who play to his strengths. Josh Giddy is a natural distributor that allows SGA to lock in as a scorer. Jalen Williams is a floor stretcher with long arms who can guard four positions and balance the floor. Chet Holmgren’s fate is bound to be unlocked by his defense.

The rebuilding of the Houston Rockets is turning into a sprint instead of a marathon by 2024. H-Town better hope they don’t overexert themselves too soon during the opening stretch.

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