Why isn’t Meghan Markle going to the coronation? Was he invited?

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It’s one of the biggest days in royal history, but one question is on the mind for royal fans or just observers: Why isn’t Meghan Markle going to the coronation?

Even after the release of the Netflix documentary, tensions between the Sussexes and the royal family remain. Despite all the drama, King Charles still wanted his son Harry to attend the momentous occasion. A source told People in February 2023 that the king absolutely wants his youngest to attend the coronation. “It’s such an important occasion for Charles, and he wants his son to see it at the coronation. He wants Harry to come back to the family.” “If they don’t sort it out, it will always be part of King’s rule and how he has let his family down. He’s had a reputation as a distant parent, and it would be terrible for him to continue.

Harry and Meghan eventually received invitations, but once the time came, the Duke of Sussex announced he would be attending the coronation in person. So why isn’t Meghan Markle going to King Charles’ coronation? Read more below to know.

Was Meghan Markle Invited To King Charles’ Coronation?

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Was Meghan Markle Invited To King Charles’ Coronation? Yes, Meghan Markle was invited to King Charles’ coronation. A representative for Harry and Meghan confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been invited to King Charles’ coronation. “I can confirm that The Duke has recently received email correspondence from Her Majesty’s Office regarding the coronation,” a spokesperson for Archwell’s founders told Guardian On March 5, 2023. “An immediate decision on whether the Duke and Duchess will attend will not be revealed by us at this time.”

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation ceremony of the King and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey in London on May 6. Coronation service on the 6th at Westminster Abbeyth May. The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet,” they said in the statement.

According to a source close to Harry, “he wanted to be in the service to support his father at this important time in his life,” the source told People. However, it is likely that Prince Harry will not attend other events surrounding his father’s coronation.

Why isn’t Meghan Markle going to King Charles’ coronation?

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Why isn’t Meghan Markle going to King Charles’ coronation? The official reason is that she will be in California with her children to celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same day. However, it is likely that she is not attending due to all the drama that has been happening between the Sussexes and the royal family.

“At this point, it has become so personal,” a close friend of the former royals told People. “Maybe he didn’t get what he wanted, but at the end of the day, he’s going there to support his father.” The outlet reported that Charlize is “delighted” that her son will be there, even though his wife will not be there. The source stressed that “things are tense” between family members but Harry will “happily go along with whatever is planned” and that his main concern about attending was the issue of his safety, which has been addressed. A palace insider also told them what they think Harry will do once he returns to California, “He’ll look back on this and think it’s better that he comes and plays his part and says, ‘I did my part. crowned father,” says a source close to the royal household. “And tell her children about it.”

Although a source who is a friend of the Sussexes also said that Meghan wanted to attend the coronation, but some circumstances affected the trip. The source says, “Meghan wants to be there to support her father-in-law, but at the same time, the scrutiny she gets is more than supportive.” “It’s always going to happen that the other side challenges their argument, and who wants to put themselves in that position?”

Several royal experts have had their two cents on why Meghan couldn’t come. “It’s a beautiful solution,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People. She told the outlet that Archie’s birthday “gave him a fair opportunity for Meghan not to come.”

Tessa Dunlap told us weekly Harry’s gesture at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral signals his trust in Meghan. “I was watching the body language when he came out of St George’s Chapel [Queen Elizabeth II] was finally laid to rest [in September 2022] Only on the last day of the funeral. He was helping Meghan into the car and he is not a man who is comfortable in his own skin,” she continued. “And this time he is coming without the support of Meghan.” She continued, “Clearly he leans on her a lot. I think frankly, they bonded. They both had traumatic childhoods.” [and] Took solace in each other’s respective narratives. And he’s coming alone,” she elaborated We, “It means that he has been effectively exposed. He will be seated [farther from the royals] at best. Therefore, they will have a sense of demotion.

She also echoed the same sense of security which was a major issue highlighted in the Harry and Meghan documentary. “An insider told me they were a little worried about her safety and reaction [from the public], they can’t control [what] The public would have given it to him – which would also paint Britain in a very bad light,” she said. We About how “how much would it cost” for the potential protection.

Dunlop also spoke about how there were double standards in attending Meghan’s coronation. The royal expert said, “She’d be damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.” “Author of Harry [their] History. Meghan has hit back a lot in the past few months. and harry’s front leg [the narrative],

A source told the Daily Mail in December 2022 that Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are welcome to attend King Charles’s coronation at Westminster Abbey in London because they are family. The insider said, “Harry is her son and Her Majesty will always love him.” “Although things are difficult at the moment, the door will always be open.”

According to a source cited in Us Weekly, Charles was “saddened” that his daughter-in-law would not be there. “Charles is sad that Meghan will not be in attendance. Charles was hoping the coronation would be a chance to maintain better engagement and healing between them,” said a source, “but is thrilled [Prince] Harry will be present.

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