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From child star to verified heartthrob, Nicholas Hoult has dodged the usual dramas of fellow child actors (MacAulay Culkin, Demi Lovato, and Amanda Bynes) who all struggled with the transition. Aged 33, and with a string of award nominations and a few high-profile films and more on his CV, it’s only natural that we’re all wondering: who is Nicholas Hoult dating now?

Between playing Hugh Grant’s cute kid, at age 11 about the boy and playing a leading role as Tony Stonem in the UK teen drama skins, The halt got hot. as the sensually sensual, charmingly rebellious Tony skins, Hoult only had to look at the girls to fully charm them. If Hoult chose to continue playing teenage boys behaving poorly, he could have gone through with his good looks, but instead, he made a huge leap into a serious drama. Fashion designer Tom Ford’s directorial debut, 2009 A Man, Hoult proved he could hold his own alongside Colin Firth and it later earned him a BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination. Again, reluctant to be pigeonholed, Holt threw himself into fantasy films (Clash of the Titans, Tolkien), comic-book adaptations (many X Men movies), action movies (Impossible Goalzombie rom-comwarm bodies), and dark comedy (Favorites MenuAnd Great,

win us over in vampire comedy renfield With the incomparable Nicolas Cage, we take a look at Nicolas Hoult’s dating history and — even though we’d like to imagine accidentally bumping into him at the local Walmart and ending up on a date — we’re going to see Here’s the reality of who lucky lady Nicholas Hoult is dating now.

Brianna Holley (2017 – Present)

nicholas hoult, brianna holly

Nicholas Holt, Brianna Holley. Photo by Alan Berezovsky/Getty Images

Despite public interest in Hoult’s personal life, he has managed to keep his romances and fatherhood private. Since March 2017, Hoult has been in a relationship with Byrna Holly, a Playboy model who is also the mother of his child. The two met in LA, where Holt was dividing his time between the US and the UK. They welcomed their son in 2018, but did not reveal much about their child until February 2020, when Holly captioned her Instagram photo “Forever Valentine”, which featured her son at the fair.

A year ago, in January 2019, Hoult told the Evening Standard about being a father: “The fatigue levels are extreme. No one warns you about this… but the level of love that comes with it far outweighs everything else. this is wonderful. I’m loving it. And it evolves all the time. They change so much, every day is different. It fills you completely as a human being. Last year, the model and influencer shared a black and white photo of herself and Hoult hugging on Instagram. The most recent Instagram photo was of Holly and Holt in honor of the actor’s 33rd birthday.

Dianna Agron (2015)

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron. Photo by Nicholas Hunt/WireImage

The media breathlessly reported that Hoult was dating glee The star back in April 2015. They were seen on dates in London after Holt’s breakup with Jennifer Lawrence. There was little to corroborate the rumors of a relationship, and the two were reportedly friends before they were spotted out in a London pub, but American actress Agron definitely bears a resemblance to her now-partner Brianna Holly. , Because both are beautiful, golden and golden. Both have their own creative, independent careers. Agron went to London in April to work on a drama about Alexander McQueen. The pair were introduced by mutual friends and by all accounts, it was a fling for both and nothing went beyond a few dates around London.

Jennifer Lawrence (2010 – 2014)

Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence

Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence. Dave M. Photo by Bennett / Getty Images

Holt met Jennifer Lawrence on the set of the film X-Men: First Class When it began filming in 2010, it resulted in both stars being blinded by the spotlight for both their work and their growing relationship. They dated for four years before splitting in 2014. Both the actors starred in 2019 dark Phoenixis the sequel to X Men The film that he made years ago. Asked what it was like acting with his ex, Hoult told the Evening Standard in 2019, “It’s pretty similar skins, we have a big family, we have been doing those films since we were 20 years old. As much skins the crowd grew together, the X Men The crowd really grew together. It’s been eight, nine years since those films were made. We all get along, we all have fun.

At the time they dated, Hoult tried to avoid discussion of the relationship when he told The Guardian, “Jane is great and we had so much fun filming, and she’s a very talented actress and … I Just going around the question, basically!” In 2012, Lawrence was more forthcoming, telling Vogue, “He has absolutely no idea how good he looks. I think a lot of women and men hate me because of this.” cracks were beginning to appear. A year later, Hoult praised Lawrence, but there was no denying that her star was rising beyond her at the time, with a third Oscar nomination and a win. silver linings Playbook,

“I’m just kind of a spectator in many ways. It deserves it. I haven’t really noticed any change in him,” he told We Man in March 2014. A wonderful thing, because you actually get to spend time together. Around the same time, Lawrence admitted that the two barely saw each other and mutually acknowledged it. “When we’re busy, we mutually agree to ignore each other,” she said. Marie Claire, “Not completely, but neither of us gets annoyed when the other doesn’t text or call. Life is just too busy. By August they parted amicably, apparently after their Due to demanding careers and an inability to spend quality time together, according to E! Online.

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