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He’s the imaginary boyfriend of countless fans around the world, but Jack Harlow’s dating history holds for him, they should probably consult a lawyer, and piece together our clue.

With her bouncy chestnut curls and baby blues, Harlow has gathered a passionate fanbase for her infectious rap and humility. But as it turns out, the more famous he’s become the more cautious he’s been about who he lets into his personal life… and into the bedroom. In an interview with GQ Hype in October 2021, he said: “I love women and dating is cool. It’s funny, the bigger you get the more opportunities you have. But, ironically, you put off little because the stakes are high. So a girl I would have invited back to my hotel three years ago, I don’t do that now. There is also a stigma around it. I remember when I was younger and watching actors older than me talk about how there were girls who wanted him just because he was a rapper. I thought it was great. I couldn’t wait until girls started wanting me just because I became an artist.

He continued, explaining how he wrote “21c/Delta”, which contains lyrics about signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). “The lyrics go: ‘First name, last name, date of birth / Sign the paperwork a bad bitch…’ But it’s a real thing,” he told GQ, then confirmed that he’d signed an NDA in his own right. Asks for dates. Yes seriously. “Earlier [they come into the room], ” he explained. “But sometimes it’s just to hang out. And that’s just to set up the idea that, ‘Hey, my texts are not for your friends.’ Our time together is for us. And I present it like, ‘Hey, listen, if you don’t want to sign this you don’t have to. This is a unique situation. And if you don’t want to do that that’s fine, but that’s what it needs to be to be able to hang out with us. I just want us to hang out; I don’t want this to be a thing on the Internet.'” Fair enough.

Jack Harlow is dating… well, no one until May 2023 that we know of. He is obviously enjoying being single but here is who he has been linked with in the past.

Dua Lipa (2022)

dua lipa jack harlow

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According to sources cited in Page Six, Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow were dating, adding that the pair were in “constant communication” in November 2022. According to an insider, he was “very interested in her, and was going to vigorously pursue [a relationship], The source added that he also flew to New York on Friday, December 9, following his appearance at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.

Harlow actually has a song on her 2022 album, come home kids miss you, named after him, which was released in May. The 24-year-old revealed at the time he confronted her to seek “her blessings”. On The Breakfast Club podcast, he revealed that he had not publicly reacted to the song, but in private, he reached out to her. “I played it for her because I didn’t want her to be blindsided by it or feel creeped out or anything,” he said. “If she had said, ‘I hate this, I don’t want this to come out,’ it wouldn’t have come out.” He was then asked if he “fans” her. “I admire that,” Harlow replied with a childish grin. “When the song comes out, I think she’s going to appreciate it even more.”

Sweety (2021)

Jack Harlow, Sweetie

Sweetie and Jack Harlow, 2021. Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET

When rumors began to circulate that Jack Harlow and Sweetie had begun a romance, fans were dismayed. The two met on the red carpet of the 2021 BET Awards. Harlow, who was previously featured on a remix of her hit “Tap In,” decided to interrupt her interview with The Shade Room. In a viral video clip, the “Dupa Lipa” singer can be seen walking up to Sweety and shaking hands while introducing herself. “I’m Jack,” to which she quickly replies, “I know.”

Harlow said, “You don’t like being caught off guard,” to which the “Best Friend” singer replied, “Why are you shaking?” They laughed and he continued on the carpet but there is no confirmation that the two ever dated.

Addison Rae (2021)

Addison Rae

Addison Roy. Photo Michael Kovac/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Once again in 2021, Harlow sparked rumors of dating Addison Rae, but they were quickly dismissed on social media. Rae took to Twitter to clarify her relationship status, tweeting, “I’m single.”

It all started when the popular Instagram account, TikTok Room, posted what they believed was a relationship with Rae Harlow at a boxing match. The account claimed that they saw Rae’s hand on the rapper in a series of photos shared from the event, but apparently, that was all smoke and mirrors.

Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian

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