Who is Finnegan Biden? Jill Biden’s granddaughter at the coronation

If you’re an American and have been keeping tabs on who represented the country at King Charles’s coronation, you may be wondering: Who is Finnegan Biden?

On September 8, 2022, moments after the Queen’s death, Charles was proclaimed King. Due to royal tradition, a few days later, on 10 September 2022, the Privy Council declared Sovereignty. The Clerk of the Council said, “Charles III, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other realms and territories thereof, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to whom we do all with humble affection.” Accept faith and obedience, beseech the Lord by whom the kings and queens may bless their majesties with long and happy years to rule over us. May God protect the king.

In a statement from the White House, President Biden announced that he would not attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles on May 6, 2023. Friendship between our country and our people. The President congratulated the King on his upcoming coronation and informed him that First Lady Jill Biden looked forward to attending on behalf of the United States. The statement also confirmed that the President intends to plan another visit to the UK at a later date. The readout said, “The President also expressed his desire to meet with the King in the United Kingdom at a future date.”

The First Lady and her granddaughter attended the coronation with Jill wearing a clean blue dress, while Finnegan wore a pretty yellow dress and headband.

So instead of the President, his granddaughter went to his place. So who is Finnegan Biden? Read more below to know.

Who is Finnegan Biden?

Finnegan Biden Who is Finnegan Biden?  Jill Biden's granddaughter was at the coronation

Image: Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Who is Finnegan Biden? Finnegan Biden is one of six grandchildren of Joe Biden. She is the second eldest child of Hunter Biden and was born in 2000 to his ex-wife Buhle. She was named after Joe Biden’s mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, who died in 2010.

She attended the University of Pennsylvania (like her sister Naomi) and is slated to graduate in 2021 with a degree in American Studies. He led a campaign to extend UPenn’s pass/fail system in 2020 and was documented by the 34th Street Magazine, the school’s newspaper. “I was thinking of ways to enact change and talk about it productively [so] the school can respond, and [the petition] seemed most productive [way] To show the school that the students really cared about it,” she told the publication.

She also said that she was inspired by her earlier efforts in high school to make a difference. “I started this campaign where all the girls came to school and surprised the faculty they hated by wearing T-shirts that said, ‘I’m not a distraction.’ It was the first time I really saw serious effects [from] I did something like this because we got rid of the dress code and there was a forum in our school about it.

She continued, “I think the way we came together as a student body in a time of so much isolation and loneliness for so many people is amazing, so I hope there’s some comfort in that fact.” That the faculty heard us and recognized our voices as we really came together and supported each other.

She talked about how it is important to make changes. “You have to be the change you want to see. Even something as small as writing a petition. I hope everyone can realize that it’s not that hard. But you have to do it.

Her sister Naomi was very proud of her sister’s graduation and posted on her Instagram, “With pride and everlasting awe with my first love and little sis @finneganbiden ilysmsmsm”

The White House also clarified that Finnegan is just a guest for First Lady Jill and has no duties other than attending the Royal event. “There is no official US delegation. Finnegan is a plus one,” the White House said in a statement. “As we’ve noted before with other family visits, historically, presidents have been often joined by family members during the trip. Current practices are consistent with practices used by prior administrations.”

Finnegan also accompanied his grandfather Joe on a trip to Beijing while he was still Vice President. She also accompanied her sister Maisie on a trip to Spain with her grandparents to attend a NATO dinner. The president told then-prime minister Boris Johnson that he had “a great time with my granddaughters” ahead of the NATO summit. “I brought my two granddaughters,” the first lady told Queen Letizia as they chatted at the palace, via The Associated Press. “We stayed and, you know, had a glass of wine.”
The day before the coronation, Finnegan attended a pre-coronation dinner with his grandmother, Princess Kate Middleton, and Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska. “We Stand With Ukraine,” Jill Biden Tweeted.
Joe Biden in his absence Tweeted His congratulations to the newly crowned King Charles and Camilla. “Congratulations to King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation. The enduring friendship between the US and the UK is a source of strength for both our peoples. I am proud to have the First Lady represent America on this historic occasion. Jill Biden then quotes tweeted, “The United States of America and the United Kingdom have a special relationship. It is an honor to represent the United States of America on this historic day at Westminster Abbey.
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