Which yellowjackets survive in the wild, and which die?

(L-R): Noah Jess Eiseman as Teen Crystal, Samantha Hanratty as Teen Misty, Alexa Barajas as Teen Mari, Sophie Nellis as Teen Shauna, Courtney Eaton as Teen Lottie, Teen Akeelah as Nia Sondaya, Sophie Thatcher as Teen Natalie, Jasmine Savoy Brown as Teen Tit in Season 2 Yellowjackets, Steven Kruger as Ben Scott and Liv Hewson as Teen Van.  Photo credit: Callie Schwarman/Showtime.

Showtime’s “Yellowjackets” is about a group of teenage girls (and a few boys and men) whose plane crashes midway on their way to a national football tournament. Some of the team members are killed in the crash, while others crash 19 months in and out when they are rescued. The show’s very first episode teased that the survivors would eventually resort to cannibalism in order to survive – including some scary-looking rituals.

Since the series takes place in two timelines – 1996 and the present day – we already know which Yellowjackets survived the jungle and some who didn’t as of season two. Some characters who were assumed to be dead were revealed to be alive at the end of season one, while the fate of others remains a mystery.

Read on to find out who we know lives on in the woods, who we know died, and whose fate is still up in the air.

yellowjackets that survive in the wild

  • shauna:Shauna comes out of the woods and marries Jeff, Jackie’s high-school boyfriend. The child with whom she is pregnant when she is giving birth in a plane crash.
  • Foggy: Misty, despite her tendency to trouble all the other survivors, makes it out of the woods. As an adult, she still yearns for the friendship of her peers.
  • tit: Tit survives in the woods, but – despite her wealth and success – bears some of the most obvious psychological scars of the survivors. As an adult, she suffers from sleepwalking spells where she behaves in ways she does not understand.
  • metNate survived 19 months in the wild, but as an adult, she struggles with drug addiction. When the series begins, she is leaving rehab – paid for by Taissa.
  • the vanIn season one, Van is attacked by a wolf, but despite a large cut on his face, he makes it out of the woods. Van is shown as an adult for the first time in season two; She runs a depressed, struggling video store.
  • Lottie: The end of season one indicates that Lottie becomes the Antler Queen during her time in the wild, although some events in season two call this into question. Presently, she runs a wellness centre/cult. Prior to the accident, she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was taking medications to manage her hallucinations. At the start of season two, we see him undergoing intensive psychiatric treatment after being rescued.
  • travis: Travis is the only person we know for certain who survived the group’s time in the woods. However, he dies during season one in the present day. His death is presumed to be a suicide, although Nat is convinced that it was foul play.

yellowjacket who died in the woods

  • Jackie: Shauna’s best friend Jackie has difficulty socializing with the other girls during the first season, partly because she doesn’t have a lot of survival skills. At the end of the season, they lock her outside the cabin, and she has to light a fire to keep herself warm. It snows, and she freezes to death. In season two, they eat him.
  • laura leeLaura Lee is the most religious of the Yellowjackets, and she tries to help Lottie accept her visions as a message from God. The team finds a small airplane in the woods, and Laura Lee reads about flying in a book which she opens in the cabin. She gets them to fly to help, and she is able to make it off the ground and over the lake before the plane bursts into flames, killing her.
  • people killed in plane crash: Coach Bill – Travis and Javi’s father – killed in the crash; They find his body hanging in a tree. Team member Rachel Goldman is also killed, as well as the pilot and flight crew.
  • crystal: Crystal, a member of the JV Squad, falls off a cliff and dies in season two. It is debatable how much Misty should be held responsible for her death. Just before she dies, we learn that her real name is Kristen and that the team heard her wrong the day before; He never fixed them.
  • Javi: Many fans thought that Adam — the performer Shauna has an affair with in season one — was secretly Javi as an adult, but he’s not. Javi manages to survive his long time alone in the jungle and is found in season two, episode four. Unfortunately, he meets a watery end in the season’s eighth episode, when Nat—who has been randomly chosen as the group’s first human sacrifice—allows him to drown to save himself.

yellowjackets that may die in the wild

  • Mari, Akila, Gen and Melissa: Mari, Akeelah, Gen and Melissa are all Yellowjacket players who are not main characters but have appearances in the series. Unfortunately, this makes it appear that they died in the wild (and were possibly eaten by other chicks), but we don’t know for sure yet.
  • coach ben: Coach Ben is the only adult to survive the crash, although he had to have his leg partially amputated. He uses a crutch, so he has great difficulty walking in the woods and seeking privacy from the girls. We do not know whether he was rescued from the jungle or not.

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