What is happening here?

The Aaron Rodgers saga progresses in painstaking fashion.

The Aaron Rodgers saga progresses in painstaking fashion.
picture, AP

Friday will be a month Aaron Rodgers Emerges From his dark retreat and told the world he wanted a different employer. He will appear on The Pat McAfee Show four weeks on wednesday And we haven’t seen any progress on the deal between the Jets and the Packers. I get it, just because the public isn’t aware of the plan doesn’t mean there isn’t one, of course. But what wouldn’t leak at this point? or Rodgers won’t talk about it openly To see the world with a friend?

So now the question is why is it taking so long for both the parties to complete the deal? It should be straight. Rogers Don’t want to play in Green Bay. He’d rather move to East Rutherford, New Jersey because everything smells good, not just the cheeseheads. Both teams need to adjust rosters around the loss or gain of the 39-year-old airhead. Green Bay will begin its journey with the hope that there is a third straight long-term starter who endears himself to fans and Then goes mad. The Jets hope that Rogers and his love for ayahuasca will lead him back after the season. But privately for the past four weeks, and probably longer, the teams haven’t made any tangible progress.

Packers president Mark Murphy spoke Tuesday about the situation in Green Bay, saying talks are ongoing and he could not say much more. although there is not deal completion deadline, Both sides need to know that if it is not done by the start of next week’s NFL Draft, it seriously affects both sides. Jordan Love appears to be the heir apparent in Green Bay and selecting an offensive lineman or tight end at No. 15 looks to be in the best interest of the team, with Christian Watson and Romeo Daubs both held out so far. The Jets also have the No. 13 pick and Packers general manager Brian Gutkunst has said the team is not seeking that pick from New York to acquire Rodgers, though that will no doubt ease things between the sides.

Oddly enough, Murphy’s first off-season as a Packer were in the chair 2008, when the team switched from Brett Favre to Rodgers as the team’s starter. Favre also wanted to see how green it was The grass was in East Rutherford. Now Rogers, who knows how many more dark retreats, still want to do the same. As the Rodgers-to-Jersey-Suburbs clock reaches day number 29 on Wednesday, let’s end this test. Then we can all do something better than a Rodgers watch, like scrapbooking. Oh how am I kidding? I want this to be over so we can talk about whatever mess Roger made with his new friends.