What if the Roy family of succession would run the Los Angeles Lakers?

I am glad everyone is having a good time. You’re coming around, I’m coming around, we’re coming around to admire of succession place in the hierarchy of prestige TV. It’s great, isn’t it? How clown kids unintentionally destroy their father’s empire just by trying to act like serious people is high comedy. having a good laugh? And then after laughing uncontrollably, laughing again after taking that light breath?

Well, I’m not, Bob. I just saw two fat billionaire 15 year olds having sex in the woods. The show’s head writer, Jesse Armstrong, has created a masterful piece of art to depict the dangers of immense wealth. He is not making gods of the capitalists; He is taking a shock device for them.

The risk of conveying such a message through comedy is that society loves humour. Many of us are so busy laughing at the creative insults of the cast that the moral of the show is going over our heads. That’s my focus for today, and since this is a sports website, let’s tie it down to industry.

spoiler ALERT: If you are not up to date on succession, please proceed with caution.

Kendall, Roman and Shiva can run the Lakers as badly as Waystar Royko

In fact, that’s what the kids on the bus are doing. Save the Outfit for LeBron James to Throw a Life Vest lakers There have been many objectively bad decisions since Dr. Jerry Buss passed away. Whether it’s Jenny, Jim, or one of the other four kids, the major sports team in Los Angeles has emitted a James Dolan-ian stench several times in recent years.

From Russell Westbrook to D’Angelo Russell, Rob Pelinka – or whoever is pulling their strings – LeBron and Anthony Davis have failed to recognize the type of players who have impacted the game. Sure, this Lakers team can complete the starting lineup with Austin Reeves, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Russell.

Be that as it may, the chances of that happening depend on the health of James and Eddie, not the “fantastic” job Pelinka has done to get the team out of the hole. The difference between multibillion-dollar companies and sports franchises is that one’s wins and losses are televised live.

Obviously, every industry has metrics to indicate success and failure. While Roman is deeply saddened to see the company’s declining stock value after Logan’s death and recognize it as “Dad”, it is also a testament to how much faith investors had in Logan’s business acumen.

If you’re into the small talk of the high-stakes corporate world, you can probably rattle off any number of nepo baby who have squandered the family legacy through alcohol-fuelled decisions and general stupidity.

Well, it’s no different in sports. Ask fans of the Knicks, Broncos, Lakers, Raiders, Yankees, etc., how much they enjoy the goofy offspring running their teams. I personally find Jenny keeping the Rambis family downright insane, but that’s because I’m a trail Blazers fan.

Unfortunately, I shouldn’t be laughing too hard considering Paul Allen’s sister, Jody, is currently overseeing a Portland franchise that is permanently stuck in purgatory, and I fear that Rip. Which way is the city going? It doesn’t matter if it’s a son, a daughter, an uncle, an aunt, or a brother, the one who made the native a titan in his field isn’t involved in paperwork.

stop worshiping people just for survival

I wish we viewed the Roy family and other obnoxiously rich people the same way we view Dolan or Davis. Americans’ perception of success is directly related to the size of a person’s bank account, but what is often overlooked is how they got there, or how they act once they do. If you’re a billionaire, I immediately suspect you of how much you’re paying in taxes, how much you pay your employees, how much you tip your waiters—all of it.

the only thing to overcome succession It’s that people with power will do anything to maintain it, including destroying family relationships. And that applies to the world of sports where infighting about who is in charge has led to rifts and lawsuits.

It took a lot of litigation to get control of the Broncos away from bowlance Patriarch Pat Bolen died a few years ago. The Walton family now owns the team and begins their era of nepotism.

It looks like the Blazers and Seahawks are also facing a long sale. We’re decades – or at least a few court battles – away from Jody taking into account the wishes of his brother, who wanted to devote the majority of his wealth to philanthropy, because “Estates of this size and complexity take 10 to 20 years to close.”

Deep pockets are becoming as hereditary as eye color, and it’s incredible how many of us are inclined to return to the days of hierarchy.

You shouldn’t be okay with people – who control a crap ton of your everyday life – passing their power onto your kids. We hate it when nepotism sabotages our favorite team, yet the great American families are endlessly intrigued and trusted by them. Generational wealth is something to be aspired for, not lived by, and this could not be more evident than in the way money changes individuals. Neither the Kennedys nor the Kardashians deserve pure praise for simply being born.

So the next time you argue about who will “win” successionKnow that it is not about who wins. The whole family is emotionally bankrupt, and the only reason they aren’t completely untouched is because many poor people are willing to work with the weakest, most reprehensible human beings if it means their piece of astronomical wealth. Is.