What happened to Javi in ​​the Yellowjackets?

(LR): Sophie Thatcher as Teen Natalie, Luciano Leroux as Javi and Kevin Alves as Teen Travis in The Yellowjackets

“Yellowjackets” season two is off to a gruesome start, but it’s giving fans some long-awaited answers — like how the girls resorted to cannibalism. In episode four the show answers another question: Is Javi alive? The answer is, in some way, yes. But what happened to Javi in ​​the jungle remains a mystery.

To refresh your memory, Javi (Luciano Leroux) is the younger brother of Travis (Kevin Alves) and their father was the coach of the Yellowjackets team, who died in a plane crash. Brother and coach Ben (Steven Krueger) is the only male survivor of the crash, which puts them in an awkward spot. Xavi escapes the attention of most girls because of his age. But at the end of season one, he runs away and in the first three episodes of season two, no one has seen him – which turns into episode four.

Ahead, we’ll learn why Javi left, where he may be hiding, how he returned, and what we know about his fate in the present day.

When did Javi disappear in “Yellowjacket”?

Javi escaped during episode nine of season one, “Doomcoming”. Then Misty (Samantha Hanratty as a teenager) accidentally drugs the entire team with magic mushrooms, causing them to hallucinate and turn violent. The intoxicated girls (minus Nat and Jackie) chase Travis through camp with knives.

Despite the drugs, when Shauna sees Javi, she tells him to run and he does.

Why does Nat fake Javi’s death in “Yellowjacket”?

When season two begins, it has been two months since the end of season one and Javi’s disappearance. Nate (Sophie Thatcher as a teenager and Juliette Lewis as an adult) very reasonably thinks Javi is dead. Season one ends with Jackie freezing in the cold; It looks like the same thing may have happened with Xavi. However, Lottie (Courtney Eaton as a teen and Simone Kessel as an adult) keeps telling Travis that she thinks Javi is still alive. So there are two reasons for Nate’s decision to fake his death by using Javi’s blood and his pants. One, she really wants Travis to move on and heal from the loss of his brother. She also doesn’t want Lottie to be perfect and form a strong relationship with Travis. But, historically, Loti Is is often correct.

How do they find Javi in ​​”Yellowjacket”?

Van (Liv Hewson as a teenager) and Tit (Jasmin Savoy Brown as a teenager) are in the woods looking for strange Yellowjacket symbols on the trees. Van notices that strangely the snow on one of the trees has melted. Just then the pair notice someone, give chase and tackle them. They learn that it is Javi, whom they take back to the cabin.

Van is convinced that whatever is going on with Taissa – her ability to sleepwalk and find symbols – has purposefully led her to Javi. “Lottie knew he was alive but Taissa knew where he was,” she says. What this mysticism means remains a mystery.

Where was Javi hiding in “Yellowjacket”?

Javi does not tell the Yellowjacket crew where he was before the episode ends. Travis and Nat search for him for miles and find nothing. It’s possible he’s got another cabin the girls don’t know about. Some fans have theorized that the mysterious Yellowjacket symbol is actually a map of secret mines and that the red river the girls found in season one was some kind of mining runoff. Javi could have been hiding in a mine. Another question related to Javi’s survival is how he had enough food to survive.

Is Xavi dead in the current era of the “Yellowjackets”?

We know quite a few of the Yellowjacket crew survive in the wild, but the show never mentioned a possible adult Javi. Travis is deeply traumatized as an adult and eventually dies trying to make sense of what happened, but we don’t know if that trauma includes Javi dying in the woods. We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

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