Warner Bros. Is Using Dr. Pimple Popper To Ruin The NBA Playoffs

Some of us are old enough to remember when television parental guideline ratings first started. The only programs that were not subject to the ratings system were news and sportscasts. Athletics and information, what could possibly be unfair to the kids out there? How about the pus coming out of a man’s head during dr pimple popper commercial? Warner Bros., it just didn’t feel right to me and I have a car note.

It’s bad enough that people are subjected to these scary movie trailers against their will during sporting events. I know it’s a popular genre, but horror used to be About Mutant Leprechauns or a plastic the clown is laughing menacingly Near an instrument of torture. now there are terrible monsters jumping out of the bathtub on little girls.

For those of you who like to watch creatures from hell try to drag people back down with them, are you my friend. Personally, as a black man in America, I don’t need to try to scare myself for fun. Some real life horror stories I’ve come across:

  • it’s slow season for my restaurant job
  • temporary tow away area
  • There were two police officers around me and now there are six

Now in addition to unwanted nightmare fuel, I also have to deal with ads. live action Ren and Stimpy, The only time I ever want to hear the words “doctor” and “pimple popper” anywhere near each other While I’m watching the Seinfeld episode when George tries to airbrush himself out of a picture of his boss – a problem that could easily happen in 2023 Solved with Google Pixel 7,

One moment I’m watching Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant exchange 3-pointers, and then suddenly there’s a bulbous mass of skin and gunk Jumping out of my television. I’m willing to admit that I’ve gotten more irritable as I’ve gotten older, but that commercial was gag-inducing, fortunately, I already ate my leftover pizza, because dr pimple popper could have managed to get the first position Earth to ruin its deliciousness Eat

Leave it to Warner Bros. to ruin a great product though. First, they not only stream excellent content from HBO Max, but Now they want to separate the app from television’s most iconic name.

The CEO has already said that the company “Don’t need the NBA.” What else could TNT possibly wind up with that would draw the eye to the screen? Warner Bros. has already done stopped developing new scripted material And canceled most of the Turner-era shows. is tnt just rebroadcasting Charmed until the end of time? Viacom has already turned it into a never-ending episode for MTV. dissonance,

Will someone please think of the kids?! In fact, Forget the kids, do something for me.

Warner Bros please end this madness. I have supported you for many years. bugs Bunny, animation, wayans brothers, I saw it all. i bought movie tickets And spent a good deal of money to buy their merchandise in Great America. All I ask is that you all stop shocking me and grossing me out during my favorite time of year.

You can have my HBO, but barring my NBA playoff viewing experience for whatever it’s good at.