Vanessa Simmons Talks Liposuction, Beauty Secrets, and More!

Jadriana Solomon: In addition to being confident in our bodies during the warm spring and summer months, it is also important to be equally confident in our skin and develop good skin care practices. First, how do you transition your facial skin care products from winter to spring? Are you dry skin type or oily? Let’s start from there.

Vanessa Simmons: I have combination skin, so I have a bit of both dry and oily areas around my face. But as we head into the warmer months, I think we can all agree that we prefer to fuss it less, and wear less makeup, and just feel more free. So how do I take care of my skin is I really amp up the steps that I need to take during summers as I really want that natural kind of glow.

I’ll do more skin care masks at night or make sure I’m double cleansing or doing a facial steamer in between. I’ll also amp up the SPF I’m using. This is really important as the sun gets stronger – make sure we have enough SPF, even if we have to travel with a little spray, because now they also have primers and setting sprays that we can use that have SPF Is .

So make sure you’re getting on SPF, drinking lots of water, and staying hydrated. For that, I also have this Aloe Rose Refreshing Mist from Batah which adds more moisture to your face during the day. It’s wonderful to walk around with in the summer.

Jadriana Solomon: Buttah Skin is also an amazing product line that you stand behind to keep your skin flawless, both on your face and body. First and foremost, can you share why Batah is such a fine line for people of color? What are your favorite reachable products and why?

Vanessa Simmons: Buttah Skin was specially formulated for us – skin with melanin in it. I think over the years, we all knew that there weren’t a lot of things on the shelves that were made specifically for us, and Butta really tackles that, and their products are really good.

I swear by Vitamin C Drops, Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream, and Kokoche Cream for Your Face. The texture is a little light—you know that thing about going into the warmer months, like having a light moisturizer for your face and it works really well. And the glow it gives me is unreal. If I’m not using it, my makeup artist can tell right away. So it’s unbelievable. I swear by it and I’m not just saying this because Dorian is a friend and he’s been a friend for years, but he created something that’s just for us. It is meant for all skin types, it is magical for our face and I love it.