Usher Shares If He Believes He’s the ‘King of R&B’

latest episode of step into the shadow room sit with us part 2 features assistant teacherAnd he made sure to flower the R&B as he chatted with host Thembi.

The 44-year-old superstar debuted in 1994 with his debut album, and his second project, my way, was an instant hit that propelled him to success. Of course, projects like 8701 And Statement further cementing his legacy, and Usher continues to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. In fact, some have even declared him the “King of R&B” – but does he claim that title?

What does Usher feel about the “King of R&B” honor?

During the interview, Usher acknowledged that other people had given him the honorific title, and Thembi asked if he personally agreed.

In return, Usher stated that “Limited[ing]”Being himself the King of R&B” is very short-sighted.

“If I limit myself to just being the king of R&B, that would be very short-sighted. I love R&B – R&B is a segu [so many] things.”

However, as “people have given [him] That title, “He Says He’ll Take It”. However, he points out, “It’s more than it is.”

Instead, Usher noted that he is more concerned with keeping the genre strong and making sure “it doesn’t fade away.”

“I’m more invested in making sure it doesn’t fade away.”

He further explained that, as he sees the decline in popularity of other genres over time, he hopes “R&B never does this again.” As a result, Usher states that he “want[s] To continue encouraging people to listen to it.”

“Styles of music that were very popular at one time aren’t as popular. Not as powerful – they don’t hold the same fervor. I hope R&B never does, so I’m going to continue to encourage people to listen to it.” want.”

He gives the genre its flowers: “The son of R&B is hip hop”.

While on the subject, Thembi continued to talk about how R&B is considered “dead”.

In turn, Usher declared that he did not agree with this sentiment at all. Instead, he said, “I think there are many different sides to it that can be looked at.”

He also acknowledged the influence of R&B on the hip-hop game.

“When I think about how R&B is really the breath that breathes life into hip hop. Let’s not forget that if it didn’t exist, there would be no hip hop.

The artist added, “Therefore, the son of R&B is hip hop.” You betta preach, Usher!

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