Unknown’ host Josh Gates refuses second dive into Titanic sub-timeline

Discovery host Josh Gates Campaign: Unknown, revealed today that he sank in the same submarine that is now missing near the wreckage of the Titanic. Gates said that the prospect of obtaining footage of the Titanic was a “huge opportunity”, but he decided against a second visit because the ship, named Titan, “didn’t do well on my dive.”

Gates also indicated, “There is much more about the history and design of the Titan that has not been made public – much of it concerning.

“I had the unique opportunity to dive into the @Oceangate #Titan sub with Stockton in preparation for my first mission to Titanic,” Gates wrote on Twitter.

“For those asking, #Titan didn’t fare well on my dive. Ultimately, I walked away from a great opportunity to film Titanic because of my safety concerns with the @OceanGate platform,” he continued. “There is much more about Titan’s history and design that has not been made public – much of it is concerning.”

Gates indicated that the dive in question on Titan was “in preparation for its first mission to the Titanic.” Campaign: Unknown The host said her journey aboard the sub was led by Oceangate cofounder, 61-year-old Stockton Rush.

“I pray for a positive outcome of the rescue efforts of those including the companions,” he said.
Hamish Harding, member of the @ExplorersClub.”

After Twitter users questioned the idea of ​​going there in the first place, Gates retorted, “Questioning those why people would dive into the Titanic: The ship has fascinated the world since the night it sank. This is a time capsule from another era in our history. It takes courage to make a journey like this. Appreciation and prayers for the passengers aboard.”

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