UConn’s NCAA Championship TV Rating Sucks

When three different coaches have combined to win five national championships in a men’s college basketball program since 1999, it means that they are one of game blue blood, But, you know that question “When a tree falls in the woods, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, if every time you play for an NCAA tournament championship and no one cares to watch – or you need crutches to bring in spectators – do you have as much juice as you think? This is the Connecticut plight.

The Huskies are in the same room with Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina, but they’re seated at the kid’s table.

According to sportsmedia watchMonday night’s matchup between UConn and San Diego State was the lowest-rated and least-viewed national title game ever, as it had a 7.8 rating and pulled in only 14.69 million viewers. To make matters worse, this year’s game was on CBS which is easier to access than Turner and TBS. The game’s poor performance also came to the fore a day after the women’s national title game between LSU and Iowa Most watched game in women’s college basketball history,

In men’s sports UConn is the only program to have multiple championship game finishes in the bottom five in the history of the sport, as their 2004 matchup with Georgia Tech only drew 17.09 million viewers.

We knew the ratings were going to be badbut no This Bad. And unfortunately there’s more bad news for UConn.

Things get even worse when you realize that UConn’s other three championship game appearances have better television ratings because of who their opponents were.

When Jim Calhoun and the Huskies won the program’s first national championship in 1999, more than 26 million people tuned in, However, it had a lot to do with UConn being the underdog of a Duke team that entered the game with a 37–1 record and a roster Eight High School Parade All-Americans,

In 2011, the Huskies defeated a Butler team that had become America’s favorite Cinderella after falling to Duke in a nail-biter the year before. 20 million views, But, that UConn/Butler contest was arguably the worst championship game ever. The Bulldogs shot 18.8 percent from the field, while the Huskies made 9.1 percent of their three-pointers. it was so terrible Butler missed 21 of 23 shots during a 13-minute stretch and was 1-for-8 on layups in the game.

and in 2014, nearly 22 million tune in To see UConn win their fourth national title as they defeated a Kentucky team that captured the nation’s attention because they were the first since Michigan’s Fab Five in 1992 to start all freshmen in the final game of the season The team was

With that kind of history, now we know why 15 people were arrested and were charged with misdemeanors, while another 16 were taken to UConn’s campus hospital after Monday night’s victory as students lost their minds over the win.

UConn is a school that plays great basketball. The women’s program has 11 national titles and the men have five. But for some reason, and despite the men’s team having as many championships as Duke, fans turn off the TV whenever they’re playing for a chance to win it. She is a beautiful model who is overlooked on the catwalk.