UConn Is Destroying Everyone In The NCAA Tournament

After all this is the NCAA Men’s Tournament has to offer. At last a seed fell. Made the Sweet 16 after an Ivy League school. Team USA made it to the Final Four after one conference. After 62 other schools lose, we get the Bluebloods in the title game. The UConn Huskies aren’t just marching, they’re leaving foes bent, inverted and crushed on the bottom of their sneakers.

I know the day’s game was San Diego State rallying back to beat FAU on a last-second jumper, but the team of the tournament has been UConn. No opponent has been able to stay within single digits of the Huskies. Miami tried, but every time they got a deficit of less than 10, UConn went on a run led by one of their big players, usually Adama Songo. But freshman center Donovan Klingon has also been devastatingly effective.

The wings and guards are all equal parts interchangeable and changeable. Jordan Hawkins has been a star, but I’m also counting on Andre Jackson, Joey Calcaterra, and Alex Karban. I would not have to mention Tristan Newton, who handled the ball with poise and made smart passes despite being hounded. in the second half by the Athletic Hurricane Guards.

That’s what’s different about UConn. They are talented but the level of execution has been off the charts. By the time the title game rolls around, we have at least a loose blueprint for how each team could win or lose. Whether it’s foul trouble, an offense that fails, or a bad matchup, everyone should have one. Kryptonite.

The rest zone is flattened no less than 15 times and resuscitation requires several charges from a defibrillator. I mean, SDSU has survived more gallows than Tuco, and spent most of the Elite 8 and Final Four waiting for Blondie to shoot him off the rope.

The Huskies’ lone vulnerability seems to be the Big East squad — Dan Hurley’s buddies haven’t lost a non-conference game all season — and considering they’re the only school left out of the conference, things appear pretty bleak for the Aztecs. In this backward, promiscuous era of college basketball, no one should be walking into a tournament with a permanent heart rate of 60.

Thank God Jim Nantz Had a Great Game During His Last Weekend of Calling the Final Four Because mortal Kombat The announcer is about to steal his sign-off after Monday’s game with the single “Flawless Victory”.“As Songo removes Brian Dutcher’s head from his body while the spine is still attached. I was promised chaos this March, and the Yukon are sitting there – houses burning around them – saying is “It’s okay,” and it’s not ironic about it.

I hope my rant about the Huskies has been sufficient because I’d love to be wrong. I’m tired of pundits predicting the end of days and then not getting death, plagues, Earth in a puddle, or a new national champion at the end of March Madness.

So good luck to SDSU. I know teams need it in March, but I didn’t think it would be in the context of David vs. T-1000.

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