Tyler James Williams responds to people questioning his sexuality

Tyler James Williams “Not gay.” The longtime actor confirmed his lack of interest in the same sex in an Instagram post addressing people questioning his sexuality.

Much of his lengthy clapback explained the dangers of “outing” culture—the practice of exposing a queer person’s sexuality. Williams also presented herself as an ally to LGBTQ+ communities—promising to continue fighting for acceptance in the future.

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“Normally, I don’t address things that way, but I think of it as a conversation that’s bigger than me. I’m not gay, but I think there’s some kind of hidden quality or behavior to be discovered.” “The culture of trying is very dangerous,” Tyler wrote. Over-analyzing in an attempt to “catch” someone’s behavior directly contributes to the anxiety a lot of queer people experience and the fear people feel when they are afraid to live in their truth. This is true of our gay brothers and sisters and Feels less safe for those who may inquire.

Tyler James says ‘outing’ culture also limits straight men’s ‘personal expression’

Williams states that ‘outing’ culture does not just affect queers and queer questioning people but straight men and their freedom of expression.

“It also reinforces an archetype under which many straight men have to live that is often unrealistic, less liberating, and limits personal expression. I have been very clear about my intention to use my platform to push back against those bigots every chance I get. Being straight doesn’t look one way. Being gay doesn’t look one way. And what may seem like harmless fun and conversation can actually send a dangerous message to people struggling with real issues. I unwittingly refuse to contribute to that message.

In the midst of Tyler’s message cycle, Fly was causing a stir online for the yellow and blue nail polish — a beauty trend typically marketed to women. Twitter reactions ranged from support to homophobic comments.

The online slam appears to be directly to Tyler’s message about ‘outing’ culture limiting the creative expression of men.

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Williams wishes queer and queer questioning people a happy Pride Month

The “Everybody Hates Chris” actor ended his Instagram Story post with a message for those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

“Proud to all my queer and questioning brothers, sisters and individuals. I pray that you feel safe in celebration this month. As an ally, I continue to commit to helping where I can and helping to develop a future where we are all accepted and allowed to be ourselves,” Tyler James wrote.