Twitter Is Pulling The Pelicans’ Zion Williamson — Here’s Why

A close-up of NBA star Zion Williamson, looking contemplative, in street clothes from the bench watching his teammates take on Golden State.

Tough day for Zion Williamson.
image, Getty Images

Mazel Tov! Zion Williamson About to become a father! And it’s a girl! On Wednesday, news emerged that the Pelican forward is having a baby with girlfriend Ahkima. Nothing could have ruined such a special moment for the young man after he posted the news on his social media! oh but sure did something, As Instagram model Moriah Mills not only said she had sex with Williamson, she also brought receipts. Screenshots: The world’s greatest blessing and curse.

Since Williamson’s announcement, Mills has posted 24 messages on Twitter detailing the alleged relationship between the two. His posts include an alleged conversation on Snapchat in which a contact named “Zion Williamson” sent Mills several flirtatious messages and videos of time they allegedly spent in New Orleans, where Williamson plays. neither Neither Williamson nor Ahkima have commented publicly since this morning’s pregnancy announcement. The evidence looks damning for the former No. 1 overall pick, Although Deadspin has not been able to independently verify this, Any Lessons on Working in the Public Eye — From NBA Rookie Camp or College — apparently went on deaf ears, adding more fuel to the fire that while women may not be smarter than men, men are definitely dumber than women.

Williamson was reportedly scoring a lot off the court, while fail to do so For the Pelicans, playing only 29 games since the end of the 2020–21 season. He missed all of the 2021-22 season with a Jones fracture in his right foot and has been ruled out for the majority of the last season’s campaigned with a hamstring injury. Whatever ails Williamson, that didn’t stop him running off the court. He was only an expectant father for hours, without him claiming to have cheated on the child’s mother. what a mess.