Tucker Carlson says Fox News producer ‘wannabe dictator’ after Cherone – Deadline

Tucker Carlson said in his latest Twitter video that the Fox News producer responsible for labeling Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” resigned from the network shortly after.

Carlson did not name the producer, but Alexander McCaskill, who had long worked with tucker carlson tonight and continued on the network after Fox News pulled Carlson’s show, posting a photo of herself departing the Fox offices on Instagram with a box and the message, “Today was my last day at Fox. It’s 10 years a It’s been wild and it was the best place I’ve ever worked because of the great people I met. But the time has come. I asked them to let me go, and they finally did.” The Daily Beast, which first reported McCaskill’s exit, identified him as producer Carlson.

According to The New York Times, another senior producer, Thomas Fox, also departed this week. Both McCaskill and Fox had worked on Carlson’s show. Carlson’s executive producer, Justin Wells, dropped out in April when Fox News dropped his show.

Chiron, which read “Wannabe dictator speaks at White House after arresting his political rival,” aired Tuesday evening as Fox News was carrying Donald Trump’s subsequent speech and a split-screen shot of Joe Biden was addressing the crowd. White House Lawn. Chiron was up briefly before being taken down, but was flagged on social media.

The next day, the network released a statement saying, “Chiron was immediately taken down and addressed.”

Carlson, who has been engaged in a legal battle with Fox News since his exit, made the incident the centerpiece of his show on Twitter, which he launched last week.

She told viewers that after Chiron appeared and was quickly removed: “Inside Fox, the women running the network panicked. At first they scolded the producer who put the banner on the screen. Less than 24 hours later He resigned. He had been at Fox for more than a decade. He was considered one of the most capable people in the building. He offered the customary two-week stay, but Fox told him to vacate his desk and leave immediately. The company then issued a public apology for the 27-second ‘wannabe dictator’ line. Fox’s PR department said Kyron was immediately taken down, then added to the obfuscation, it was ‘addressed’.

Carlson then claimed that Fox’s assessment of Trump’s arrest was “overthinking the arrest,” citing social media comments made about Kyron by celebrities such as Alexander Vindman and John Cusack.

Fox News did not comment on Carlson’s remarks. Lawyers for the network recently sent him a cease-and-desist letter on his Twitter show, as Carlson’s Fox News contract runs through the end of 2024. One of his lawyers has accused the network of trying to “silence” him. Talent contracts usually include exclusivity provisions that prevent them from working for other outlets.

McCaskill was among those named in a New York lawsuit filed last spring by another Tucker Carlson producer, Abby Grossberg, in which she described a culture of sexism and retaliation, among other claims. Fox News said the lawsuit was “riddled with false allegations.” CNN reported Thursday that a settlement of Grossberg’s claims was in the works.