Tory Lanez says he’s been ‘unfairly blamed’

On Friday, Lanez shared an Instagram video containing voicemail audio of the rapper addressing Gascon.

In his message, Lenz accused prosecutors of “abuse”.[ing] His right Additionally, he declared that he had been “completely robbed and denied a fair trial.”

Lenz also said that he owes his efforts to “thousands of black and Hispanic minorities who cannot adequately fight for themselves.”

After alleging that prosecutors “spinned a false story,” he asked the DA to “do what is appropriate” as he prepares to fight for a new trial.

“I come to you as a wrongfully convicted black man, seeking neither sympathy, nor compassion, but simply for you to do what is just and right by the laws of California, and most importantly From in the sight of God.”

In the caption, Lenz declared, “If this injustice can happen to me, it’s happening to so many more minorities.”

“everybody please let go [George Gasc√≥n] Know that I deserve my freedom and a fair trial. If this injustice can happen to me, it is happening to many more minorities who don’t have the money or the voice to speak up.”

Following this initial post, Lenz also shared a written version of his message in a separate upload.

At the bottom of the post, he criticized the prosecution with a lewd message.

“Until my court date I am posting the outrageous and despicable injustices used against me by the prosecution, regardless of the evidence they wanted.”