Tom Holland thanks Zendaya for fixing his ‘crazy’ hair

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Love him no matter what. tom holland grateful that Zendaya While filming her new series – and had patience with her hair crowded room,

“I think a big reason for that is because when you make a film, it only takes about four months, and that would be considered a long film. But crowded room, It’s been 10 months of playing this character, day by day. I actually found myself morphing with her in some moments. And obviously I had that crazy hairstyle,” Holland, 27, explained. radio times In an interview published earlier this month. “I had bangs. Bless Zendaya, she had a lot, with me for what seemed like 10 months, it was rough.

Spider-Man: Homecoming star noted that it was not just Excitement The actress, 26 – who he has been dating since 2021 – had to deal with his coiffing. He was not a fan of his hair being “that dark” – Trace is a deep chestnut brown in the AppleTV+ series – and preferred his hair to be more “like my mom’s, kind of red”.

“Yeah, it was tough. It was a part of the show that I definitely don’t miss.”

crowded room, which premiered June 9, is a 10-episode psychological thriller set in Manhattan in the summer of 1979, which follows Danny Sullivan (Holland) after he is arrested for a shocking crime he allegedly committed. did not do. Unlikely Investigator Ria (Amanda Seyfriend) The mystery behind this must be solved before the real culprit strikes again. As Danny’s life story unfolds, it “reveals elements of the mysterious past that shaped him, and the twists and turns that will lead him to a life-changing revelation,” according to the official synopsis.

The heavy material is something that Holland – who is also an executive producer on the series – finds it difficult to pull off off-set. “I would come home from work and I would look at myself in the mirror and I would see her,” he told the outlet. “So it took a while to figure out how to put him to bed and wake Tom up and move on with my life and be myself. But I figured it out and I’m so happy and healthy.”

While Holland is “no stranger to hard work,” the England native revealed earlier this month that he is taking a break from acting as he recovers from the intense emotional toll it took. crowded room Took her

“The show broke me. There came a time when I needed a break and disappeared and went to Mexico for a week and spent time on a beach and relaxed. I am taking a year off now and this is a result of how difficult this show was. I’m excited to see how it turns out,” he added. Excessive In the interview on Wednesday, June 7. “I guess our hard work was not in vain.”

Cherry The actor’s recent vacation appears to be with longtime love Zendaya. When Holland turned 27 earlier this month, the shake it Up The alum took to social media to celebrate her birthday – and shared pictures of the pair from their romantic getaway.

In one of the pictures, Hollande can be seen floating in the sea. Zendaya added a red heart emoji to the photo of Holland between her hands, which made a heart above her head. In the second picture, the British actor was seen standing on a rocky cliff with the sun setting over the sea behind him. Zendaya captured the moment with a heart-eye emoji and tagged Holland in the post.

Holland and Zendaya first met while working in 2016 Spider-Man: Homecoming, While romance rumors ran rampant, it wasn’t until July 2021 that the couple was seen locking lips.

A source exclusively revealed, “Zendaya and Tom started off as really great friends and stayed that way for a long time before they turned romantic.” us weekly At the time, sharing that the pair’s chemistry was “off the charts” while filming their Marvel movie.

While the two have since tried hard to keep their relationship private impossible The star confessed to Total Film in November 2021 that he was “very happy and in love.”

next year, We confirmed that he and dune The actresses are still rooting for each other.

“They’re both in set-down mode and totally planning a real future together,” the insider revealed in November 2022. “Severe and lasting.”