There Was a Cockroach at the 2023 Met Gala

Everyone is vying for a spot on the Met Gala carpet. With each passing year, the fashion event gets bigger in all directions: its guest list, the fabulous fashion, the acts. And it has become difficult for the stars to outdo each other and themselves. (Kim Kardashian even admitted to calling it quits this year.) On the other hand, there are also always jokes about keyboard fashion critics who show up in sweatpants. But at the 2023 Met Gala, it was easy for an uninvited attendee to slip out of obscurity and steal the spotlight.

A cockroach climbed the stairs of the Met. Despite his significant size, the insect claws its way to the top with agility, aim and — dare we say it? – crested. With equal ferocity, videos and photos of cockroaches started pouring in on Twitter. It wasn’t long before weary fashion journalists called it a night and named Roach best dressed. Someone in the press pool could actually be heard saying “Who are you wearing?” In a video shared by deduction,

The Met is known for stunting, almost to a fault, and this was a rare moment of sheer authenticity. It was glamor hypnotizing with the hottie, and, with the utmost respect and love, it was hell as New York.

However, as quickly as it went viral, it all inadvertently ended in tragedy. The cockroach was reported to have been killed on the same move it used to rule, after a happy photographer took a picture of it. Diversity Even shared an epitaph. Soon after, Rihanna arrived with A$AP Rocky, dressed in a white rosette-covered gown that beautifully showed off her baby bump.

That’s the thing about fame: It’s hard to achieve, but it’s even more difficult to maintain, especially when Rihanna is in the way.