‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Global Box Office Bow Heading To $300M – Deadline

friday update, Refresh to latest: super mario bros movie continued its decline in the international box office markets on Thursday $27.6 millioncome to pick up offshore $62.5 million, The worldwide total including the first two days of the domestic is $120.7 million, It anticipates an overseas opening of $160M+ and a global opening of over $300M. bow and arrow!


Previous Thursday: With a count of 44 overseas markets open on Wednesday, Illumination/Nintendo/Universal super mario bros movie off to a great start with $34.7 million At the international box office through tomorrow. Combined with Wednesday’s domestic bow, the global one-day total is $66.4 million,

Several milestones/records were set in markets around the world on the opening day, and overall when compared Super Mario In standard opening days, it had the top animated launch day in 11 markets, including Germany, Spain, Argentina, Central America and Austria. The Aaron Horvath/Michael Jelnick-directed film will clearly do better than early estimates of $100M internationally by Sunday.

Mexico Lead Play Wednesday with $5.9M; Biggest Debut for a Universal Title and Second Biggest Animation Opening Day Ever toy story 4,

UK Gross $4.8M – Best animated opening day ever, biggest gross of 2023 and Universal’s top Wednesday of all time, surpassing both sharp 8 And no time to die,

next, China Wednesday delivered $4.7M (vs the $4.95M estimate from yesterday – see below – coming through Thursday is the $5.4M not reflected in the totals above). Even then, Mario 2020 set the biggest opening day for Hollywood animation since the start of the pandemic, as well as the second biggest opening day for a studio title in 2023. Its 9.4 score on Maoyan is the best for an animated Hollywood title in the past five. Year.

Germany It grossed $2.8M on Wednesday for Uni’s best opening day ever and hit the same milestone for an animated title. It is also the best opening day since 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Only behind the second biggest April opening day in the market avengers: endgame,

In spain, Mario Bros. sunk in with $2.2M on Wednesday – the biggest animation opening day ever. In terms of admission, the result overtakes Avatar: The Way of Water And doctor strange 2 The biggest opening day since the start of the pandemic as well as the biggest opening day ever in April (behind No. 2 at the box office) avengers: endgame,

France was good for $2.1M on Wednesday. This Is The Biggest Opening Day Of 2023, Behind The Second Best Animation April Opening ice age 2 And best of all for the lights out – and without any school holidays. The film is playing at the start of the school break which spans three regions for six weeks.

Italy Opened on Wednesday to $1.4M, took 70% of the market and dominated the competition. This is the biggest opening day for an animated film and for a video game adaptation in the spring.

Other standouts include Central America With $1.3M for the second biggest opening day endgame and more than double minions And this despicable Me Movies.

Taiwan It earned $1.1 million on Wednesday, claiming the top animation opening day ever for both Illumination and Universal, as well as the biggest opening of a video game adaptation and biggest April animation.

Australia Bowed with $1.1M playing 311 locations. It’s the best opening day of 2023, the biggest ever for Illumination, and the biggest April debut ever.

elsewhere, Colombia It opened to $810K on Wednesday, taking a 73% share of the market, and claimed the highest preview gross for a film. Brazil Opened Wednesday With $745K – Non-Standard Release Day Already 62% Ahead of Five Days of Previews sing 2, hong kong Wednesday was $700K at 62 locations. Argentina opened at $460K; Netherlands Opened with $390K, the biggest opening of the year.

Note that all majors in this first suite are now open; However, till Friday, 26 more markets are yet to come. Korea, the Middle East and Japan go later in April.

Previous Wednesday: light/universal super mario bros movie began its international rollout today in 44 markets, and will expand to 70 by Friday. While we await numbers from many of today’s debuts, the early words from Asia Pacific are encouraging $7.95 million Including stealth.

Note that the full Wednesday opening numbers will come out tomorrow and will include majors like France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Today is a snapshot.

Evergreen, in gains so far for Asian markets on Wednesday China launched Mario $4.95M at No. 3 during the Qing Ming festival. The Chris Pratt-starrer is facing off against the continued stellar run of Japanese animation Suzum and local holdover hachiko, Even then, Mario set the biggest opening day for Hollywood animation since the start of the pandemic in 2020, as well as the second biggest opening day for a studio title in 2023. today’s number is up Minions: The Rise of Gru And the secret life of pets (+42% and +43%, respectively, on Friday); and according to Aladdin And incredible 2, Mauyan has given Mario 9.4 points from the audience; Best for Hollywood animation in the last five years. Maoyan is currently forecasting the market cap to end at $20 million; These numbers can of course fluctuate.

Elsewhere in APAC, Australia Gave Mario a No.1 $1.1M starts Wednesday. At 311 locations, it accounted for 62% of the total market share for the day. 1st day gross is more than 5 times of 2nd place john wick 4, It’s also the biggest opening of the year, the best Illumination opening day ever, the top animated April opening of all time, and above standard Thursday opening frozen 2, incredible 2, finding Dory, the jungle Book, Aladdin, Toy Story 4; and more than double minions,

hong kong opened to $700K on Wednesday at 62 locations, the biggest opening day of 2023, the biggest opening day for any Universal Animation, and the biggest April animation opening ever.

This opening corresponds to Thursday minionsand over the opening thursday incredible 2, beauty and the Beast And toy story 4

new zealand Wednesday entered the game at No. 1 in the market from 140 screens with $66K, with 47% of the top 10. it was good for 2Ra The biggest opening day ever for Illumination and in line with Thursday’s opening sing 2Above minions And Minions: The Rise of Gru,

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