‘The Reluctant Travelers’ Eugene Levy Interview – Contenders TV – Deadline

Eugene Levy revealed to the crowd at Deadline’s Contenders television awards-season event how he told Apple TV+ he wasn’t the right person to host the travel show.

Levy said, “I made my point — you’ve got the wrong person I was telling them, because I can’t be myself and host a travel show where I feel like I’m excited about everything.” Am.” “They talked to each other after that call, and they got very excited about the fact that he now has a show: He doesn’t just love to travel, but he’s about to host a travel show and it’s A good hook.”

In reluctant traveler, Comedian and actor Levy travels to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful destinations. The eight-episode series follows Levi as he travels to Finland, Japan, South Africa and elsewhere, showcasing his experiences as he talks to locals and participates in new places and cultures. Levy is also the show’s executive producer along with David Brindley.

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Levy said, “For the show, I’m doing things I would never have done, so in general the show is a good thing for me personally.” “I’m coming out of this a more enlightened person who will eventually just be at home on the couch.”

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Levy says that the place that most resonated with him was South Africa. “Creature [in South Africa], maybe two days ago I really felt an affinity for the place and it seemed like I felt quite connected in a weird way,” Levy said. “To actually go to a rhino preserve, and actually save these orphaned rhinos…the idea of ​​animal extinction hit me in a huge way while I was there.…If I wasn’t in South Africa Gaya hota … You read it as a headline … and your life goes on, it doesn’t affect you. But when you’re there, you realize it’s really sad.”

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