The Nuggets showcase the best photos from a memorable parade

Head coach Michael Malone speaks during the Denver Nuggets victory parade and rally after winning the 2023 NBA Championship at Civic Center Park on June 15, 2023 in Denver, Colorado.
(Photo by Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

Thursday was a historic day in Colorado sports history, as the Denver Nuggets celebrated their first NBA championship with a parade in their city in front of their fans.

The city of Denver may be starting to build a winning tradition, as the Nuggets join the Denver Broncos (three Super Bowl titles) and the Colorado Avalanche (three Stanley Cups) in the world championship club.

The parade was a wild sight, and the team created a slideshow of some of the best photos taken there.

Superstar center and NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic wasn’t sure he’d be at the parade, because he wanted to return to his home country of Serbia, but he was there and he’s glad he showed up.

What caught the most attention was the demeanor of head coach Michael Malone, who displayed more swag than any NBA coach could ever remember playing.

He let go of the profanity and said he wanted to win another championship next year, and on the same day, he also managed to troll LeBron James, whom his team had defeated in the Western Conference Finals.

Malone, who has been criticized by the national media for allegedly focusing on James and the Lakers instead of giving his team the respect he felt they deserved, wore a shirt that appeared to troll the press. Was seen doing

With a relatively young roster, the Nuggets could very well participate in the second such parade in a year.

Video Proves Nikola Jokic Is Glad He Stuck Around for the Celebration