‘The Idol’ Is Not The Britney Spears Story, Says Producer Sam Levinson: Cannes – Deadline

Yes, There’s a Reference to Britney Spears in Sam Levinson’s New HBO SeriesSculptureand Lily-Rose Depp as Britney who wants to rise out of her funk, but as Excitement “We’re not trying to tell a story about any particular pop star,” the creator said at the Cannes press conference today.

Levinson said, “It’s a lot of pressure—to be consistent, and to be what everybody wants you to be. It’s a lonely life.

The producer added, “We can all pretend that everyone is looking out for somebody’s best interest, but I think fame really corrupts, it’s really easy to surround ourselves with myth makers who lead us on.” keep increasing.”

Sculpture Depp stars as Jocelyn, an overly-ambitious Britney Spears-esque protégé who has recently hit it big time in the dog-eat-dog world of showbiz. After a nervous breakdown derailed her previous tour, she’s determined to claim her rightful status as the greatest and sexiest pop star in America. She meets Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye’s character Tedros, a nightclub impresario and ‘music manager’ with a troubled past. They hook-up BDSM-style and the album she’s been on the fence with suddenly becomes an impromptu remix that night, filled with her sexual gasps (“Gimme More” from Hello? Britney, Any?). Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s team and manager (Hank Azaria) are highly suspicious of Tedros.

Levinson noted that the reference to Britney in the series was essentially a promotional spin on how Depp’s pop star could manage a situation.

Depp insisted, “We’re not telling someone else’s story.”

“I think what we wanted to do was make her feel like a pop star of our time, but one who is in her own plane,” the actress said, adding that influences were celebrities such as Sharon Stone. basic Instinct and Jeanne Moreau.

The HBO show screened the first two episodes last night at the Grand Théâtre Lumière and received a five-minute standing ovation, highlighted by an emotional speech from Levinson. The series was co-produced by ExcitementLevinson and Tesfaye and Reza Faheem.