The Giants’ Saquon Barkley Franchise-Tag Drama Is Too Much

Once the New York Giants signed Daniel Jones for their future, RI fans could eagerly root for running back Saquon Barkley. While both have not reached the level of acrimony, it is not for lack of media efforts. Today’s hyperbolic headline is “Barkley reportedly won’t sign franchise tag before start of offseason program.”

Kim Jones’ reports was so new that it was co-opted by Adam Schefter, and it’s nice to see that aggregation is a top-to-bottom trend in sports media. Now allow me to tell you why this matters – or more accurately why you should get on with your day. Off-season workout plans are the most menial of all the menial tasks NFL players choose to do. It’s like a summer reading list. As soon as you say “elective” or “extra credit”, students stop caring.

Whenever I see “off season” or “non-essential” in a headline, whatever sensationalism the publication was attempting to create is lost. I could give a fuck that one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen – a guy who does leg workout Which gives me a hernia looking at him – he’s going to be in shape for a season that’s months away.

There’s only one reason this Barkley news is relevant, and it’s because he hasn’t signed his franchise tag yet.

Despite the rigamarole, please keep calm

To be clear, Giants fans have been on some sort of defcon level about Barkley because it was clear that Jones was going to get the absurd money he asked for. The front office didn’t pick up the quarterback’s fifth-year option for obvious reasons, he fared better under Coach of the Year Brian Dabol, Maras was smoother (smooth?), and gave Danny Spear much of a change.

It screwed up Barkley’s contract talks, but honestly probably saved Joe Sloan the headache of trying to re-sign the star with enough cap space. Looks like Saxon is at least aware market for his position And knows he’s not getting an avalanche of money.

That said, Barclay has reportedly turned down an offer That’s worth $12 million to $13 million a year, so he certainly isn’t too happy with the $10.1 million he stands to earn under the tag. If I were him, I’d be pissed because running backs don’t deal generational wealth anymore, and having the franchise tag carries with it the biggest load of crap in the league race.

My guess is that Barkley wants Alvin Kamara’s money, and the Giants are unwilling to pay because of his injury history and recent history of paying back. I agree with the caution to see how durable the Barclay is. If he can avoid missing large swaths of games every so often like he did a few seasons back, then he’s worth an overpay.

When should New York fans be worried about Barkley?

I’d say head out when he’s ready to sit in on the game. Play Chicken until he blinks. Shit, even if he arbitrarily misses the July 15th deadline, it’s not a big deal. Barkley said he wants to be a huge for lifewhich makes me believe he would be willing to work with the franchise Tagged once.

My concern hinges on how well the offense fares in Dabol’s second year. Say it looks like the 2022 version, then you have to keep Barkley as long as he’s healthy. Currently no game-breakers Other than No. 26 on the roster, and a lot of the open space that Jones finds himself at running back, is a product of the attention given to Barkley.

If Saquon produces a Kamara-type, which is entirely possible, mash the panic button like you’re playing a Mario Party mini-game. If not, and it looks like that’s what New York is betting on, Schon will have a lot of leverage and may be able to lower that number.

Time will tell how dumb/smart the Giants are, yet as it stands, they are playing as many cards as possible. Granted that after going all-in on Jones, but occasionally a hand will have to be played.