The Baltimore Ravens Are Doing Everything To Incite Lamar Jackson

lamar jackson Too many humiliations have been suffered at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. Add another to the mix. Traditionally, MVP-caliber quarterbacks negotiate top-dollar extensions that set the standard for quarterback compensation models. During his battle with Jackson, Baltimore reiterated his desire to agree to a deal that would keep him in a Ravens uniform for the rest of his career. Except for one that will guarantee his salary for the next five years. It is semantically but a hill on which crows are ready to die.

I used to believe that eventually the Ravens would head to medicals and realize that they needed quarterbacks more than they wanted to complete the league’s company line on guaranteed contracts. However, comments from the Lamar agitator and GM During the pre-draft news conference, Eric DeCosta indicated that he had learned nothing. Baltimore’s next Checkers move forward in their drive to dethrone Jackson Could draft rookie quarterback in first round of upcoming draft, Addressing reporters on Wednesday, DeCosta was very careful with his words, except on the subject of drafting a replacement for Jackson.

“It depends on the board, it really does,” DeCosta said. “I mean, I would have to say yes because we have quarterbacks in our top 31. So just based on that, simple math, I would have to say yes.”

What is the thought process?

It’s important to note that the Ravens could hold out or discuss drafting a quarterback in the later rounds. tyler huntley as their emergency starter. However, wasted the first rounder That deprives them of the ability to follow through on their promise to use that pick to weaponize their sluggish offense around Jackson, who ranked last among all 32 wide receiver receivers in receiving yards last season. Instead of widening to increase the duct that occupies.

In short, Baltimore would effectively end any hope of salvaging the relationship with Jackson after this threat. bringing a rookie quarterback into the fold is like Throwing petrol on the fire. Things would get more contentious from there.

DeCosta’s comments may all be fiery, but blowing hot air wouldn’t make much sense if he was as committed to reducing tensions and bringing Jackson back as he claims. There is no logical reason to draft a quarterback playing it coy and shutting down reporters who dare to ask Jackson-related questions. The Ravens own the 22nd pick in the first round, which is out of bounds to select a premier-grade quarterback prospect.

The Ravens drafted Joe Flacco out of Delaware in the first round of the 2008 draft, but DeCosta has done nothing as general manager, indicating he has the option of taking a quarterback in the bottom of the first round anyway. There is potential.

But even if he believed he could, what’s the purpose of bothering Jackson with that answer? Front offices routinely lie, deflect and smokescreen to the media when it comes to secret draft strategies. At one point in the press conference, a media member was ejected for asking only one question about Jackson.

Although DeCosta’s answer is fixing bridges with Jackson. Normally in this situation the front office would shower their frustrated franchise quarterback with unnecessary flattery and refrain from making comments that could further inflame the situation.

The Ravens Reportedly Guaranteed Jackson $200 million, According to Adam Schefter, however, they seem more committed to the league’s battle against fully guaranteed deals than to their team’s fortunes. If this is purely about the principles of completing guaranteed deals, they should offer Jackson $25 million over his $230 million. Teahe brown Deshaun Watson Gave, Guarantee $230 million of that $255 and get it done one day. Instead, DeCosta has decided to play with fire and is in the process of burning down the last remnants of the last Ozzie Newsome era.