The Bachelorette charity recaps premiere, Braeden’s first impressions of Rose

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braeden was front and center during the premiere on Monday, June 26, getting a first impression of Charity despite warnings from the lead role’s brother — who was undercover as a bartender — that the contestants would brag about kissing her. Had been.

“My brother and I are obviously very close, and having him there the first night was very helpful. He clearly got to see a lot that I didn’t,” she explains We with laughter. “At that moment he really reminded me – our conversation, obviously, [was] Not everything showed up – but he just reassured me that everyone, or most people, were really there for me and they were really excited about me being the Bachelorette and this opportunity for them to really get to know me. So it made me feel good in that moment, like, ‘Oh, Braden was very vocal about the kiss with the guys in the house.'”

Charity Lawson on 'The Bachelorette Premiere Why I Gave Brayden the First Impression Rose'

charity lawson ABC/Frank Michelotta

Charity says she tried to see both sides of the Braden situation. “I took it almost like a two-way street — like, ‘Okay, Braden’s really upbeat and this might cross the line of confident versus cocky,'” she says. “But at the same time he is supporting all the people and they are also really excited to be here. I was considering that factor as well, which is probably why Braeden was so vocal because he was so excited.

During the charity she stands by giving Braeden a rose – “It’s Braeden’s personality, exactly someone who’s so alive and fun and alive” – she concludes: “He’s worth keeping your eye on.”

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Best limo at the entrance:
“I think [that] Was warwick, I think Warwick has a one-way ticket to his hometown. I said, ‘That’s great.’ …He was someone who really caught my attention.

From best to worst entrance:
“My least favorite was wig, Spencer is definitely very funny, though, so I was completely taken aback when he requested that I kick his balls. And I was like, ‘I don’t know what’s happening.’ I was like, ‘No way. Oh, we’re not doing that!

The first impression Aaron B made when he delivered to Brayden:
,Aaron B. it was really like that [his] Ego gets hurt, but it’s okay! If it wasn’t Braden, I definitely had my eye on Warwick. … apparently Aaron B. [and I] also had a great conversation Xavier’s, It could have gone to either of them, but ultimately I decided to give the first impression to Braden.

1 kiss on the best night:
“Brayden’s first impression really escalated because he’s such a good kisser. I can say that. But I think next in line will probably be Javier. Mary and Xavier’s chemistry was truly undeniable.”

On threatening to take back the rose in the trailer:
“I think when I have to be sexual, at least it’s entertaining, but it’s not fun. And so for me, I’m a little worried about those moments where I feel like, ‘You’ve got a rose in your chest but I can really take it back.’ It takes many moments to build up to that one moment.

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