The Atlanta Hawks Are The Definition Of Mediocre In 2023

atlanta hawks season a is over Sisyphean Quest 500 to stay above. They came, they saw, and He also stevened for most of the season. If you’ve ever wondered what a veggie was between the rim and the hoop this season, it would be the 41-39 Atlanta Hawks.

since it’s falling 24-24 on January, 23, The Hawks have alternated wins and losses at intervals never seen before. they want was hovering around .500 for 33 consecutive games — to be lag behind NBA record of 24 — And 72 days in a row until Wednesday night when they missed the boat 40-40 after beating the Washington Wizards.

This kind of win-loss ratio purge was unheard of in NBA history before Atlanta was crushed. Atlanta eclipsed March 21 2014-15 Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans and led by junior holiday new Orleans PElicense record .500 within one game and then extended it to eight more games. You can hardly even thread a needle between their scoring differentials. Before the streak was broken, Atlanta scored 9,322 total points and allowed 9,315 points. Hawks were 39-39 with one point three days ago Scoring difference (9,210 points allowed to score 9,209 points).

That perfect harmony belied the raging storm that surrounds them every season. Behind every dark cloud there was a sun. If ever there was a team that mirrors the circadian battle to thrive Modern society, these are hawks. The 2023 Hawks is the new American dream in 2023. Stuck in place but still determined, then getting in their own way and dodging the debris the universe throws their way.

any adjustments they made Brought them straight back to square one. Nate McMillan was fired In January and Quinn Snyder was hired a few weeks later. The gust of wind that blew Snyder out to fill McMillan’s shoes was not enough to knock the Hawks off their ropes.

Even their strengths and weaknesses mirror each other. Through 80 games, the Hawks allowed the third most points per game and scored the third most. I can’t imagine it instills a sense of frustration among Hawks loyalists who constantly stare at a team that progresses and regresses on the escalator of mediocrity. The best way to describe Atlanta’s 2022-23 conundrum would be falling down an escalator. For every step they get closer to the bottom, a new one appears.

Even the most optimistic predictions on the Hawks won’t lead them to the post-season. They’ve held back from 2021 and have had nothing, the Hawks .500 club has formed a cult following. Eventually, the portion of the fanbase that knew about the record became just as paranoid about sticking to .500 as the other half who were obsessed with their playoff seeding. I’ll bet as many Hawks loyalists are disappointed that their streak ended this way as some are happy that their first real winning streak in months has made them Elmer’s Sticking as the eighth seed in the play-ins for now. Finally, the Hawks have found a way to frustrate both factions.

But On the few occasions where Atlanta would fall through the straight and narrow, a losing streak would get them on the right track. The Hawks have neither won nor lost more since their five-game winning streak ended on January 21. By Wednesday two in a row had given him his third win in a row.

Tri young are yin and waiThe feud between the coach-killer and the franchise savior has been going on for years, so this is nothing new. However, he is at risk of losing his Teflon Don status. Dejounte came in as a mirror version of Murray Young and had a similar impact. Meanwhile, on the business deadline, Ggeneral mEnager Landry Fields lags behind and the results have been remarkably consistent.

It’s been OCD heaven, but that doesn’t mean it has to be out of balance. The 41–39 Hawks closed out their regular season with two of the top three seeds in the Eastern Conference playoffs in Philly and Boston.