The 76ers Should Take James Harden To The Highest Bidder

Here we again come with another episode that should he stay or go. This time it involves the Philadelphia 76ers and former NBA MVP James Harden. The bearded bowler has opted to take the final year on his current contract, which would see him pay more than $35 million for the 2023-24 campaign. While there have been rumors of a possible Harden trade, some Sources say it is not preordained The conclusion is that the 10-time All-Star will not be in Philly next season. Since that may be true, and anything may still happen, the Sixers should get out of the James Harden business as soon as possible.

Brian Windhorst said, “The 76ers haven’t yet ‘ruled out’ James Harden returning next season.”

The fact that the Sixers clearly believe they can win this with Harden running back and most of the uniform support is astonishing. It appears they are willing to give it another go, with Joel Embiid and Harden leading the way. Harden is not the player he was at his peak, but he is good. No one is taking it from him. But he’s never been the guy most associated with scoring championships or even the NBA Finals. In addition, in one year Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook more than a decade ago.

It would be wise to get out of Harden’s contract now and acquire assets in exchange if possible. They could also do it at the trade deadline, but by next February, it would be less than half a year’s rent for the team Philly trades him to. For most teams, even title contenders, it would make no sense. Hardens has been great, and he’s a future Hall of Famer, but at this point, it’s not happening in Philadelphia.

Tyrese Maxi is ready and able to be the second option on this Sixers team. Tobias Harris is back for the final year of his deal and has been a good third or fourth option over the years. Harden can get many players in return Build Around Embiid and maxi. Philly is in a position where, with or without Harden, their current range is determined by the teams around them. The Sixers will remain as the third or fourth biggest threat in the Eastern Conference.

Despite a disappointing first round performance in the ’23 postseason, the Bucks are still the better all-around team than the 76ers. The same can be said for Boston, and although Miami may not have the better roster on paper, the heart and grit they bring to the court will overcome Philly every time, no matter the seeding. And if the Heat land Damian Lillard, the Sixers can forget about it.

daryl morey needs to get over this dream To win a championship with Harden. It didn’t happen in Houston, and it’s not happening in Philly. Trade him now and get some good players and a draft pick before he goes for nothing next summer. It’s time to cut the rope before Harden walks off into the sunset. it’s not like that he’s some primetime postseason player, You don’t want to be stuck holding the bag for Harden as he collects the bag while fading into obscurity.