Taylor Swift’s costumes are based on her music videos

Taylor Swift is celebrating all her eras on her Eras Tour, and her fans are showing up in their own costumes that honor all of her different releases. Swift, who released her debut album in 2006, has filmed a number of music videos over the years and even directed a few herself. The iconic outfits she wears in each video are the perfect inspiration for an iconic Eras Tour outfit.

For example, there is a “22” music video from the “Red” era, which featured his iconic slogan shirt which he also wore again on tour. Paired with heart shaped sunglasses and a red lip, it’s an easy and fun look! Then there are the more country-inspired looks from her “Fearless” era, or the princess-inspired outfits from the “Love Story” video. Or, you can stream her “Midnights” music video with a costume inspired by “Anti-Hero,” “Bejeweled,” or “Lavender Haze.” Some outfits require some arts and crafts skills, while others can be easily put together with what you probably already have. And most of them needed one thing to seal the deal: Swift’s iconic red lipstick.

Ahead, here are 25 Swift costume ideas based on her music video outfits.