Taxstone reacts after being sentenced to 35 years

taxstone There is apparently no tension after being sentenced to 35 years in prison. the former tax season The podcast host was sentenced on Tuesday (20 June) for his involvement in the fatal shooting Troy Avenue Bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, in 2016.

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Taxstone remains defiant even after getting 35 years for 2016 shooting, tweets “I’m not doing (all) 35”

The former podcaster somehow took to social media on Tuesday evening to tell fans that he’ll be a free man before then.

“Just got 35 years to be a victim and reverse the situation,” Taxstone tweeted. “The beauty in this is that I’m not 35. Be safe though.”

After this he tweeted.

“If someone attacks you don’t defend yourself in NYC. If you don’t like jail just die”

Additionally, the Brooklyn-bred podcaster blasted the Manhattan District Attorney for allegedly siding with Troy Avenue.

Before leaving Twitter, he promised that his “appeal would be swift.”

According to Pitchfork, this pending action was also confirmed by Kenneth Montgomery, a lawyer for Taxstone. Additionally, Montgomery called the former podcaster’s sentence “disgraceful”.

“That sentence was embarrassing…”

The former podcaster was just as defiant as he left the courtroom, calling Avey’s testimony a “complete lie”

During this journalist sean setaro was at the hearing Tuesday and pointed out that the former podcaster was equally defiant as he told “complete lies” on the Troy Avenue stand.

“Taxton made a defiant statement during the hearing,” Setaro Tweeted, “His last words were, ‘Half the things Troy Ave said on the stand is a complete lie to save himself from going to jail.’ The judge was quite forthright in stating his belief that during the course of the trial … Taxstone had “clearly” engaged in “the procuring of perjury.”

The Shooting: A Brief Recap of the Night in Question

The shooting stemmed from an apparent feud between Tax and rapper Troy Ave. Avey was injured in the incident, and his bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, was killed after being shot in the chest.

Two others seriously injured in firing shadow room previously reported.

There was a shooting during a Ti concert at Irving Plaza in Manhattan in 2016.

Troy Ave was initially arrested for attempted murder in the case.

But those charges were later dropped after Taxstone’s DNA was found on the trigger of the gun. Taxstone was then arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

If you remember shadow room It was reported in March that Taxstone had been found guilty of murder.