Taormina Film Festival announces new director and Bella Thorne event – Deadline

Unique: Bella Thorne heads to the 69th edition of Italy’s Taormina Film Festival (June 24 to July 1), which she has been invited to guest curate, along with a special program of short films including her own directorial debut . paint it red,

The event, titled “Impressive Shorts,” set against the backdrop of Sicily’s Mount Etna volcano, will unfold at the festival’s historic, open-air venue, the ancient Greek Teatro Antico.

The event is one of the first initiatives by Barrett Wiseman, executive and co-artistic director of the upcoming Taormina Film Festival.

The appointment of the longtime chairman of entrepreneur, philanthropist and cultural arts entertainment agency IMG Artists was also announced by governing body Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, with immediate effect.

“I am excited to now be able to recognize Bella’s talents as a film director and curator. It is an inspiring opportunity to launch such a great project in the context of a historic festival and event like the Taormina Film Festival, Wiseman said.

“I want to thank my co-artistic director Beatrice Venizzi and the head of the Tao Arte Sicilia Foundation, Ester Bonafede, for making all of this possible and believing in the vision that I believe we share for the future of all of us. Taormina Film Festival.

Launched in 1955 in the Sicilian town of Taormina, the Taormina Film Festival has a long track-record of inviting local and international talent, with recent guests including Francis Ford Coppola, Eva Longoria, Susan Sarandon and Nicole Kidman.

The actress, who has branched out into singing, writing and directing since her split with Zendaya on Disney Channel in the 2010s, wrote the original screenplay for it. paint it redAnd also the direction and the stars.

Work is produced by Sophie Warshafsky and Paige Stark and executive-produced by Julian Weiser. Influencer and model Juliet Sterner also joins the cast.

Thorne’s “Influential Shorts” gala evening will invite renowned artists, celebrities and influencers to screen their projects as directors and introduce recently discovered new talent.

“We all connect through stories: looking at art should be like looking in a mirror. I look for shorts that tell me stories about family dynamics, trauma in any form, internalized hatred, and mother/daughter and Talk about father/son stories,” Thorne said.

“I look for stories that show balance: both the beautiful and the ugly sides of life, and the light and dark we are surrounded by every day. I am very grateful to Barrett Wiseman for this.

More details about the evening and the wider line-up of the festival will be announced at a press conference in Rome on 9 May.

Thorne is represented by CAA, Thirty Three Management and Hirsch Wallerstein Hyam Matloff & Fischmann.