SZA declares ‘industry pressures’ didn’t affect her BBL

When sza briefly acknowledged Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) during the first track on SOS project, she seemingly stunned everyone and got fans buzzing online.

Now, the artist is providing Solid Confirmation about her BBL – and she’s revealing that the decision to go under the knife was hers and not the result of outside pressures.

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SZA Admits She’s “Always Wanted A Really Thick A** With Less Gym Time”

during an interview with Eli Published on Wednesday, SZA began speaking on her etymology and declared that she treats it “like a purse.” After all, she declares, “It’s all about raising whatever it is.”

Taking the discussion a step further, the 33-year-old admitted, “And that’s why I paid for it. Because it works on its own. Oops!

However, the candid conversation didn’t stop there, as the “Seek and Destroy” artist said that instead of “suicide”[ing] As for industry pressure, “the decision was his.

“I’ve always wanted to be really fat a** with less gym time. I didn’t succumb to industry pressure.”

Humorously, he added, “I knelt down before my eyes in the mirror and said, ‘No, I need some s**t.'”

While fame had nothing to do with her plastic surgery, SZA notes that it has affected another aspect of her life. In particular, he talked about the concern of living in the limelight.

“Some people think that, like, it’s an act of me worrying or being shy or struggling with self-esteem. I’m just, dead-a**, a person. Everyone else has feelings and fears. I Why shouldn’t I be afraid of being famous?

Amid SZA’s Plastic Surgery Commentary, Blac Chyna Takes a Different Route

While SZA embraces her plastic surgery journey, another star – blac chyna – going to reverse her cosmetic procedures.

As shadow room As previously reported, Blac Chyna (aka Angela White) revealed that she had a breast and butt reduction earlier this year.

It didn’t end there, as Blac Chyna also removed her facial fillers and spoke out against the procedure.

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Lastly, she addressed how she picked up “insecurities” while working as a stripper, which led her to turn to plastic surgery as a teen, as she felt “pressured” to “build up” her body. Did.