Succession character of each NBA playoff team

Captain O'Hagan from Super Troopers... I mean Logan Roy from Succession

from Captain O’Hagan super troopers… i mean logan roy succession
picture, Kirsty O’Connor / PA Wire ,AP,

Have we all got over that tear-jerker from Sunday’s episode one? I mean watching the Minnesota Timberwolves unfold in front of the world was absolutely heartbreaking. It was a joke I know the explosion of the Timberwolves was just as sad [SPOILER ALERT] Logan Roy finally died later in the day succession,

The sprint for the two titles is now on for the rest of the spring. We’ll have our round of the NBA after the season to determine a champion, and seven final episodes to see who will be named CEO of Waystar Royko with the death of the greatest manipulator on the small screen.

In celebration of both of these stretch runs, I decided to pair potential future CEOs with what I believe is the proper NBA postseason equivalent. I also separated the claimants to the Waystar throne into two conventions: The Roys (characters who either have Roy blood or have that last name) and the non-Roys. Since the Western Conference has been chaotic all season long, that’s where you’ll find Roy.

For those who don’t agree with my seeds, I am paraphrasing you all, from the bottom of my heart, a favorite phrase of Logan Roy’s.