Stephen F. Austin bowling coach Steve Lemke out after affair with student-athlete

Former Stephen F. Austin assistant bowling coach Steve Lemke’s life is disintegrating faster than 10 pins at The Dude’s bowling alley. Stephen F. Austin is apparently famous for its bowling program. The Ladyjacks won national titles in 2016 and 2021 under head coach Amber Lemke. Meanwhile, her aforementioned husband, Steve, pulls off a 7-10 split after losing his job, and they have one of the dumbest affairs known to mankind.

Steve resigned on 10 April after learning of her relationship with an undisclosed player in the women’s bowling team. Inexplicably, months later Steve Lemke spoke out about his firing, defended himself, and appeared steadfast on the consensual aspect of the relationship as if he had been cleared of any blame. Steve believed that his actions “have been magnified to the magnitude that is now due to the national championship potential that we have developed.”

Not only does he feel there exists a national appetite for NCAA bowling scandals, but Steve is also oblivious to the damage caused by cheating on his wife – with a player she coaches every day.

Steve Lemke said, “I knew it was kind of a no-no, but there’s no rule saying it can’t happen.” daily sentinelL”There’s no law that says I’m going to jail for doing something like this. Nothing is set in stone. I think it’s just a code of conduct, like we temper it, but no There is no rule, no law has been broken.

“I think it’s an ethics thing as far as a coach/teacher being with a student-athlete in college,” he said.

Steve basically disregarding morality and using their wedding vows as some rhetorical device because it wasn’t against the law is some incredible mental gymnastics., In an old-fashioned tale, Steve was discovered when his wife discovered texts from his mistress. Those must have been some steamy texts. No. According to Steve, “It Basically how amazing I am in a general perspective.’

It’s just getting depressing. sounds like text you’ll get from your work wife, Steve’s working wife, on the other hand, was his actual wife. But if you start to feel a little bad for ole Steve and his thirst for confirmation, check out this sad story he gave to explain their affair.

“I was a stay-at-home dad with the kids for five years while Amber got to go out and coach the team and when she came back, I would run the practice on top of taking care of the kids while she was back. ,” said Steve Lemke. “When they visit again, I’ll sit back and take care of the kids. Then when I got hired, he almost forced me to run the practice. I was a full time volunteer before trying to help Amber. Once I was hired, one thing led to another. I felt like I was doing a lot for what I was being valued for.

After all, teamwork doesn’t always make the dream come true. Stephen F. The Lemke dynasty in Austin is over, but Ember will return next season as head coach. Meanwhile, Steve must slim down for singles nights after being kicked out of the college bowling scene. Maybe he’ll coach the men’s staff at another university down the road, but it could be tough sledding for an assistant bowling coach who started a relationship with a student-athlete he had authority over. , And then tossed out these oblivious quotes.

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