Stephen A. Smith more desperate for attention than Moriah Mills

hasn’t been the smoothest way to get clicks over the past week or so Victor Vembanyama material, or damian lillard place of business no, if you really want to increase page views and subscribers, put Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills in one title. This is the reason Stephen A. smith He has gone to that well again and again, and he will continue to do so until the public becomes obsessed with a public dispute between the two. nba Star and sex worker.

I understand this and remain more or less unaffected by any update or threatening tweet. Now if millions of dollars were to be made from talking nonsense about Williamson and Mills, I’d probably reconsider my stance. However, if I was already one of the highest paid ESPN celebrities, who have millions to their name, and my bosses haven’t asked me to share my opinion – the world leader has more or less danced around this story, mostly to cover up the business rumors arising from it. Have done – I probably will just let the tabloids pick up on it.

Well, apparently Stephen A. There were simply too many retweets, likes, favorites, views, and attention for Smith to pass up.

It takes a special level of audacity for a journalist whose habit is to scream at the top of his voice to become enraged at another human being’s appeal for attention. He’s been at the forefront of Williamson-Mills coverage, and he even has a meme to show for it. Mills entered the chat during one of his live YouTube podcasts/shows, and he made sure to amplify the fact,

Seriously, it borders on creepy. Google his work like the rest of us and get it out of your system, bro.

Hot takes are to sports media what money shots are to nerds.

I am not here to condemn good actors who are not ashamed of their sexuality or to say some absurd things with a straight face. God knows how many people wish for that, don’t they? And like Brazzers or any other reputable adult film company, there’s an art to what Sex Workers and Hot Performers do – straight from the producer/director asking the cameraman to zoom in for the climax.

Smith’s sense of the moment is as good as anyone else’s in the business. During one of ESPN’s NBA Finals postgame wrap-up shows, Sass called his own numbers, and vehemently bemoaned the Heat backcourt’s lack of scoring, even though they started some unused players. Were staying It’s almost like he knows there are cameras on him, and he really has to sell this scene. Often it’s some big, outrageous move that you’d think no one would attempt, but, no, he attacks it with a ferocity unparalleled in any field.

Literally, every time I open the ESPN app, there they are. There are at least four or five clips of Smith “going off” during relatively mundane discussions. He mentions Lillard on the New York Knicks at least three times a month, and more recently, Smith has been so desperate to get Demme out of Portland that you’d think he represented the Trail Blazers star.

Smith’s entire existence revolves around getting attention on ESPN, and the more viral he gets, the more he’s worth to the people cutting his checks. If Stephen A. If he did porn, he would do Dallas.

Say what you will about making the most of Moriah Mills’ 15 minutes, but we’re Stephen A. Smith’s 15 years are approaching, and he still can’t get enough.

Alley de la Cycle

Cincinnati Reds phenom Eli De La Cruz helped the hottest team in baseball earn their 12th consecutive win, this time hitting for the cycle in an 11-10 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

For context, de la Cruz has been in the lead in all 14 games. He is the third player since 1901 to hit the cycle in his first 15 games, and the youngest player to accomplish the feat since Houston’s C├ęsar Cedeno in 1972 (per ESPN,

I’ve stopped to ask what de la Cruz is going to do next, because even the strangest hypotheses fail.