Steph Curry Reacts to the Warriors’ Game 3 Loss to the Lakers

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The Golden State Warriors didn’t have a good game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday.

The 2022 NBA champion tried to stay with the Lakers, but after the second quarter ended, things went south.

As soon as the third quarter began, the Lakers took off and never looked back.

In the end, they made a big statement in their 127-97 win over the Warriors.

After the game, Stephen Curry reacted to this defeat, making it clear that the Warriors are not going to go down so easily.

“That’s the nature of playoff series, especially because of how different we play,” Curry said. “We will respond – there’s a lot of confidence in our ability to do that and that’s why you play the game.”

Curry and co. Time and again it has been shown that doubting them is wrong.

The Warriors have come back from big losses before, and they are still talented enough to turn things around.

Of course, no one expected the Lakers to be so good last night, but they did and took the lead in the series.

Putting Jared Vanderbilt over Draymond Green and Anthony Davis over JaMichael Green worked wonders for the Lakers.

Now, it’s Steve Kerr’s turn to make his adjustments.

Game 4 will be crucial for this series. It will be difficult for the Warriors to bounce back from a 3-1 loss.

As the Sacramento Kings have learned, you should never doubt the heart of a champion, and the Warriors will look to confirm that.

Curry and the Warriors will try to level the series on Monday.

Klay Thompson maintains his lead on the all-time list