Son calls Monica for steamy music video with game

Monica– Affectionately called “Goonika” online – Recently came across her bag and shot a spicy music video with her Play, However, one person didn’t seem too thrilled with the visuals: Romelo HillMonica’s 15 year old son!

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Romelo Hill screams under preview of “Letters” video: “Yo what is this”

The matter came to light on Thursday (June 29) when the singer shared some promos for her new single.

A brief clip of Monica featured her and The Game relaxing in a bubble bath. From his caption, fans learned that the song “Letters” would be released at midnight.

However, in the comments section, Monica’s second born child stole the show by asking, “Yo, what is this?”

In turn, Monica told Romelo that the scene was “like a movie”. He continued, “Mom is at work.”

“Son…. It’s like a movie!! Mom is at work.”

Jokingly, at the bottom of The Shade Room’s upload on the matter, The Game stepped into the comments section and succinctly wrote, “Yes….”

Audience reaction to Monica’s new video: “Caught me out for about a second”

The full-length video premiered shortly after Monica’s 15-year-old son spoke about it in a short preview, giving fans a closer look at her project with The Game.

When the track dropped, The Game shared an upload of a few stills from the music video. He captioned the post, “He said ‘make sense of it’… I said, ‘Never mind.’

You should tell them, Jaycean!

Once fans got to see the video, viewers started ranting on social media. See below what some Twitter users had to say.

Roomies, what do you think of Monica’s track and her music video with The Game?