Slamball, an American classic, makes its stunning return on ESPN

Shout out to the old Spike TV network. Classic programs like The Joe Shmo Show, Pros vs. Joes, and Slamball called that network home. can’t be spike tv no longer exists, but Slamball is making a triumphant return to the small screen. From July 21, it will be telecast on ESPN.

According to TMZ, Slamball signed a two year deal With world leaders. The ESPN family of networks will air games this season through August 23. With every game being held at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas, it’s a weekend in Vegas of gambling, tall frozen drinks, and humans launching themselves at each other on trampolines. , sounds like a perfect summer trip to me.

Those who have never seen Slamball may assume that dunking a trampoline is unethical and childish. When combined with forearm tremors and body checking, the result is one of the greatest niche games ever created,

While physicality will certainly continue to be a major part of the sport, public sensibilities have changed since the last time Slamball was on cable television. that was before monday night countdown was still “Increase” Section. I don’t think ESPN will bring back Spike TV’s Top 10 countdown HITS of the year.

human head tilting backwards Connectivity is no longer a matter of laughter or wonder. So expect that there will be some sort of concussion protocol if this game is airing on the Disney network. Basic awareness of head injury has made football unwatchable, so viewers should still expect to smell the energy from tipoff to the final whistle of every game.

Slamball is ideal for the summer calendar. the only fast paced league at seaSon is WNBA. For a month, Slamball will run at a breakneck pace, and will coincide with Week 0 of college football, the WNBA Playoffs, and MLB’s final month on the sports calendar right when teams are battling it out. Post season condition.

Some older games are on YouTube. Those of you who haven’t discussed Slamball between lunches and making beats across the table in study hall may want to familiarize yourself with the game.

It’s not exactly basketball, and it certainly isn’t football or hockey. Still, the game is fun, and the pace is incredible. If only we could get back another season of Joe Shmo with Kristen Wiig still able to go.