Simone Biles Responds to Critics of Her Wedding Day Hair

soon after simone biles shared the news of their wedding, child-obsessed critics entered the conversation. She spared no energy celebrating the black love between Biles and husband Jonathan Owens—choosing to focus instead on Biles’ “sweated-out” sides.

On Monday, Simone clapped back at the ongoing conversation—and her energy seems to be “unfazed by the upset.”

“I think they even forget I live in Houston Texas and I sweat all over them!!! as soon as we stepped outside for pics. But they can complain IDC IDC IDC,” Simone responded with a tweet defending her.

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Helpful comment by @thecindynoir said:

“Simone Biles is one of the top gymnasts we’ve ever seen, she overcame abuse and other obstacles throughout her childhood, defined her success and found love and is now happily married… And you are all worried about his hair…..?!

And @thecindynoir was one of many to bat for the seven-time Olympic medalist. Twitter, in particular, was flooded with words of support.

What We Know About Simone Biles’ Upcoming Second Wedding Ceremony

As mentioned, a few days back, Biles and Owens tied the knot at a courthouse, with Judge Jay Karahan officiating the ceremony.

However, Biles told fans on Insta-Stories that the courthouse wedding was a necessary step towards their destination wedding. While he didn’t reveal the location or date, Simone said the ceremony is happening in a few weeks with 135 to 140 guests.

Like their first wedding and engagement shoot, the destination ceremony will feature neutral colors including champagne, gold and white decor.

Now, the married couple is just “waiting on some passports.”

On April 14, Biles shared a photo of Owens and their Texan marriage license on her Instagram feed.

Over the weekend, she and Jonathan appeared in pictures posted, plastered smiles and laughing in photos. Taken to the courthouse, the newlyweds were dressed in semi-traditional wedding attire.

Simone wore a white, tiered dress with a V-neckline and low-cut back. The hair was styled in a high ponytail, which became the reason for the discussion online. She wore white heels and a small necklace and diamond earrings.

Jonathan wore a tan suit with white leather loafers and a freshly braided ‘do.

Simone and Jonathan shared posts from their wedding day on their respective accounts, with Biles writing in a caption, “Never known a love so deep”.

Meanwhile, Jonathan wrote, “Forever my person” in his share of the wedding photos.

And in the year following Jonathan Owens’ proposal …

Owens proposed to Simone last year on Valentine’s Day. The next day, the athlete shared pictures from their engagement. she captioned them, “I can’t wait to spend forever and ever with you, you are everything I dreamed of and so much more.”

By November, Biles shared engagement photos in a white tee, washed jeans and white sneakers theme.

Earlier this month, Biles shared a video of her outdoor, white-themed bridal shower decorations.