Sergio Garcia, latest golfer to avoid questions about LIV

ownerFor the foreseeable future, it will be more than just a wearable blazer. While the chase for the green jacket will take up much of the story, as it’s the only major that can’t – or won’t – ban golfers who have joined the LIV tour then it’s something of a temperature check/referendum. becomes. The state of professional sports as a whole. It can’t be helped, and yet all the players who decide to take Saudi Arabia’s blood-soaked money are almost pulling both hamstrings running from any question about it.

Sergio Garcia was the latest To throw all her toys out of the pram when she was asked a simple question after her teething. the question was simply asked if it feels normal to come back augusta, and then he went to the usual workbook of blaming the media for all the controversies. It’s not the fault of any of these people, of course. Everything would be fine if the disturbing media, and this is the golf media we’re talking about – which is actually not Woodward and Bernstein – would leave these poor people alone.

Garcia is hardly alone. Phil Mickelson, who was completely shut out at last year’s Masters so he wouldn’t actually have to be in front of a microphone to answer why he originally became the LIV Tour spokesman, is currently in Georgia, But still dodging anyone. He can ask questions. He’s also lost weight so he’s more goofy (not really, but let’s pretend). Bryson DeChambeau, never one to shy away from being the world’s biggest ass-bump, has been bemoaning his treatment for months. Greg Norman lives in a bunker as far as anyone can tell.

What is most astonishing, though not really surprising, is that this is the path these people have chosen. No one paid them money from an evil government to leave the PGA Tour for a tour that really has no chance to stand on par with the PGA Tour. Pro golfers will never be confused with the greatest thinkers of our time, but they certainly had an agent or confidant around to explain to them what might happen if they jumped ship.

But it’s really not the golfer’s fault, is it? It was a gust, or it was a lie, or it was broke, or that fan was blowing its nose at the wrong time, or that camera, or that layout, or whatever it was. You’d think at least one of these guys would just pull over,”I’m rich, bitch!in front of any microphone and for any questions, considering that was the inspiration in the first place. What do these people honestly care about?

Having all the money in the world is not enough. Everyone should give you a pat on the back for that too, no matter what you do about it.

look at this pitch

In its latest exhibition of pitchers not really of this earth, we present last night’s Dustin May:

What does any hitter have to do with it? It’s 100 mph and essentially went a foot and a half from the outside corner to the inside. It’s somewhat surprising that hitters don’t run from the box screaming for the exorcist as much as trying to get a piece of wood on it, which they have basically no hope of.

can juice baseball balls And the rules are whatever they like, and they have, but until they figure out a way to stop so many people from doing this kind of shit, hitters are against it and they’re just trying to maximize that rare contact. Will try to do what they can. And May is the Dodgers’ second or third starter. He’s not even the best they have, at least not at the moment.

It is not easy when you are on strike.

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