Season 2 contestants’ celebrity relatives’ claim to fame

In the first episode, during Two Truths and a Lie, Carly claims that her famous relative is her uncle. She says he’s an Oscar-winning composer but reveals to the camera that he’s actually one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. When the contestants see the clue wall, she immediately becomes stressed because “a bunch of clues” are related to her. The other contestants point to a green bench that is reminiscent of “Forrest Gump” and wonder if anyone is related.
Tom Hanks.

At the end of the episode, contestant Hugo guesses that Carly’s uncle is Hanks, and he’s right! Carly immediately breaks down in tears, though she continues to rave about her famous uncle. “He’s always been there for me and not only is he very kind, but he’s also very funny and smart,” she says. “Everything you’ve heard about Tom is true. He’s the nicest guy in Hollywood.”

But as she rushed back home to pack her bags, Carly shouted that it was unfair as her clues were “too clear”. “Why the bench?! Why the bench?” she shouts. “There is virtually no reference to benches in any other movie!”

Carly, whose full name is Carly Reeves, told USA Today that she is technically Hanks’ niece by marriage. His mother is the sister of Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson. Prior to this, Carly appeared in two of her uncle’s films, 2007’s ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ and 2011’s ‘Larry Crowne’.

In her interview, Carly stated that she applied for her own “claim to fame” and explained, “I thought it would be great exposure, even though people knew me from my uncle. I’ve always wanted to stand out.” thi came into the limelight from that, but now I say, ‘Well, I guess we’re doing it. We’re sharing [it] With the world.” She told the outlet that Hanks and Wilson and her cousins ​​Colin and Chet were “really happy” to have her attend the show.