Sacramento Is Earning The Success Memphis Deserves

Despite diminishing public confidence in the Memphis Grizzlies, a plague of injuries hit their big men and ja morantSelf-imposed lag, many still pick Grizz to win this first round western conference matchups, Although it became clear very quickly that they were outmatched, outsmarted and too quick to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, they exploded in spectacular fashion. It’s basically the opposite of what’s happening in Sacramento.

The arguments many experts make for favoring playoff teams come from past playoff experience. Memphis had made it to the second round the year before, and were defeated by the eventual NBA champions. It was the kind of performance that traditionally leads to future success. However, there are two points to go through losing. The first is experience and the second is humility. there were no grizzlies Polite Not at all last year, and if anything it boosted his already skyrocketing confidence.

how else can you explain dillon brooks talking about poking beer, and then going to 24-For-77 on the series? Yes, they were without Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke, and Morant was beaten up. Still no excuse for losing by 40 in an elimination game.

Friday was beyond outrageous. Every Memphis issue has come to a head in embarrassing fashion as the Lakers were the only team that came to know this was a must-win game.

In addition to knowing they need to replace Brooks, the Grizzlies are now acutely aware of what they need to work on and how far they really are from being a real contender.

No one deserves a ring, and not everyone learns essential lessons the first time around. Morant’s postgame came out like a guy who is just realizing the effects of his actions, and despite what anyone thinks how long it took him to figure it out, it’s progress.

Alight went to sacramento, and it ain’t just beam

This fucking series – which is the only way to address Warriors of Kings – is the best. if i say how impressed i am mike brown, do I win anything for being the 100,000th sports writer to do this? Here’s hoping the prize is a ticket to Game 7 because that atmosphere is about to get euphoric.

Brown’s decision to reach to his bench and dig out Terrence Davis and Trey Lyles turned the game, and possibly the series. The two only had 19 points between them, but it opened up the floor for running backs from De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk, while pulling Draymond Green away from the basket to help with the defense situations. He got the Warriors out with the short ball, which is the exact opposite of how we think Golden State teams should play.

My hypothesis for why Sacramento has been so fearless against the defending champs is that too many of these players have been carried on and disregarded for so long that they are not taking this moment lightly. This Kings club feels very similar to the Phoenix Suns from a few years back, right around the time they got Chris Paul.

Remember, they went undefeated in the bubble and were on a lot of people’s radar before the point god was included and made it to the NBA Finals the following season. Domantas Sabonis isn’t a CP3, but he’s validated his teammates almost as much, and Brown’s coaching has pushed any straggler to the top. Fox leap this season/postseason reminds me of Devin Booker a few years ago when he finally put in experience, talent and wins.

My guess is the Kings took Game 7 because Friday night felt tectonic. It was the kind of statement we thought the Grizzlies were going to give us when they rolled out earlier this season.

Sacramento’s success looks sustainable even if the Kings leave a blood bath for the Dubs on Sunday. like the suns that have a Legitimate supporting cast and stars got in place and moved to another level of basketball, I believe the corner has been turned because Fox, Sabonis, Monk and Brown have had a tough road to get there.