Ro Khanna and Becca Balint Interview – Deadline – Deadline

Billy Ray and Todd Garner are back for the sixth week of the Writers Guild impasse over Deadline strike talk podcast. Click below to listen.

This week, our host looks at what the seismic events of the past week will mean. Believing this to be unprecedented, the Directors Guild tentatively agreed to a deal, and would soon bring it to membership. At the same time, approximately 48% of SAG-AFTRA members voted on whether to authorize an actors’ strike if a deal was not reached at the end of the month, and 97.91% of those who voted gave strike authorization to the guild. With that resolved, the Guild has just begun talks with AMPTP, while still no progress has been made at the negotiating table with the authors.

The presence of the WGA picket line is still felt: While DGA President Leslie Linka Glatter sees her union negotiating a tentative deal, the series whose episodes she is directing – zero day starring Robert De Niro – was shut down by Netflix and unlikely to resume until September.

Billy Ray also goes into some labor history, and grills US Reps Ro Khanna and Becca Balint about how Hollywood’s work stoppage is being projected in Washington, DC. Khanna is a California congressman representing a district that includes Silicon Valley, and Balint represents Vermont. Both are Democrats.

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