Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss and Diet, Dietitian Reactions

When it comes to what Rebel is saying more broadly about her “years of health,” Sammi responds, “She explained that she saw a doctor who told her she needed to help with her fertility. Need to lose weight to do that. He already sent that.” Negative message to her and to everyone who sees her story, as she’s in the public eye, that says, ‘If you weigh a certain amount, you’re not healthy, and you can’t get pregnant. Are, or you are not the same as before. can be fertile’ – which is not true, you can be perfectly healthy at any weight.”

Again, Rebel said doctors were talking to her about the possibility of harvesting and freezing her eggs after “looking at” [her] up and down and said, ‘If you were healthier, you would do much better.'”

As The Cut stated in 2022, “There is little if any evidence on egg freezing and weight gain. Most studies examine BMI and in vitro fertilization, and results are mixed. Some have linked overweight and obesity.” is attached to it.” found fewer eggs retrieved and lower rates of pregnancy and live births, while others find no effect of higher BMI on IVF outcomes.”

Many egg freezing clinics may actually have BMI caps, which may be more related to anesthesia-related concerns than actual fertility. While we’re at it, BMI is a pretty poor metric of personal health, and the American Medical Association has voted to move away from using it.